Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Complete Guide List

    Final Weapon presents...

    Welcome to Final Weapon’s Complete Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Guide! We are hard at work making and updating these guides to give you the best possible assistance on your journey. 

    Please stay tuned and be patient! Thank you.


    Guides that involve Pokémon, from version exclusives to where you can find them!


    Guides on how to evolve specific Pokémon!

    Gym Leaders

    Guides detailing the locations and battles of Gym Leaders!

    Team Star

    Guides detailing the locations and battles of Team Star!


    Guide containing the locations of the Titans!

    Elite Four

    Guides detailing the battles of the Elite Four (and Champion)!


    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet guide of the Miscellaneous variety!

    Payne aka PayneFusion is a huge fan of JRPGs. SQUARE ENIX owns his heart, especially their 'FINAL FANTASY' series. He is currently an aspiring artist and a studier of Japanese.

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