Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Grass Gym Leader Brassius – How to Beat

    Located in Artazon, Brassius is the Grass-type Gym Leader of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The recommended level to face him is Level 17. Be sure to have a team with Pokémon around that level and some fire, bug, ice, flying, or poison types.

    Brassius’s Pokemon Team

    Grass Gym Leader Brassius has a team focusing on grass-type Pokémon.

    • Petilil: Lvl 16 – Type: Grass – Moves: Sleep Powder, Mega Drain
    • Smoliv: Lvl 16 – Type: Grass – Moves: Tackle, Razor Leaf
    • Sudowoodo: Lvl 17- Type: Rock – Moves: Trailblaze, Rock Throw


    If you’ve already beaten Katy, any fire or flying Pokémon you used against her will be suitable for battling Brassius as well. However, Brassius’s grass-type Pokémon are also weak to bug, ice, and poison types. Feel free to use any of those types for the biggest possible advantage. Refrain from using water, rock, or ground types, as grass is super-effective against them. Petilil’s Sleep Powder can put your Pokémon to sleep and its Mega Drain can damage you while healing it. Carry some Awakenings and Potions to be safe. Smoliv’s Tackle and Razor Leaf aren’t too outstanding, so just avoid using a Pokémon that’s weak to grass-type moves. Brassius can Terastallize his Pokémon. They all have the Grass Tera Type. This can make SudoWoodo trickier to deal with. Poison and flying types won’t work as well due to its natural rock typing. However, Ice will work twice as well now thanks to its added Tera type! Sudowoodo’s Trailblazer attack raises its speed, so be careful that it doesn’t overtake you.

    What Next?

    What is there to do after beating Brassius? Well, if you have some Gym Leaders left to challenge, refer to this guide.

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    If anything else piques your interest, please take a peek at our Master Guide for all of our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet coverage!

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