Review Policy

Final Weapon is a multimedia outlet covering a multitude of categories, including games, anime, manga, and more. As we review these products, it is important to offer our readers a clear outline of our policies and stances regarding reviews. The following document serves as the official Review Policy of Final Weapon.

Review Ethics:

Final Weapon prides itself in offering reviews that you can trust and depend on. Below, we’ve outlined some of the ethics policies in place to ensure quality, fair, and reliable reviews for our readers.

AI Content Statement:

Final Weapon does not allow any form of content generated by Artificial Intelligence. This includes any usage of popular tools such as Chat G.P.T., Grammarly, Microsoft Copilot, Google Gemini, etc. All content published on this website is written 100% by humans, for humans. This includes all written content, such as headings, titles, and, of course, articles. Any evidence of AI-generated content within any piece of written work will result in the immediate termination of the employee in question.

Review Disclaimer:

Lastly, any time a publisher provides a copy of a game to Final Weapon for review, we clearly indicate that at the bottom of the review. Publisher-provided copies often allow us to receive early access to titles, which leads to higher-quality content for our readers. This does not affect the scoring in any capacity. We aim to be as transparent as possible for you, as Final Weapon cannot operate without you—our readers.

A sample disclaimer can be found below:

Disclaimer: [Publisher] provided Final Weapon with a [platform] copy of [game] for review purposes.

Final Weapon Review Scoring System:

At Final Weapon, we utilize a five-star rating system. This system includes a total of ten different review options, with half-star ratings possible. In essence, we operate on a ten-point review scale. All games reviewed on this website include a rating under this scale. We do not give scores for previewed titles, demos, hardware, or anime content.

How We Review Games:

We analyze all aspects of a game to create our reviews. This includes aspects such as presentation, soundtrack, narrative, and, of course, gameplay. We review games, anime, manga, and hardware with one goal in mind: to create a well-rounded article that gives readers a clear picture of the product with all relevant details accounted for.

Review Score Breakdown:

The following reflects how we award scores and what each rating entails:

1.0 Stars – Intolerable

1.5 Stars – Awful

2.0 Stars – Bad

2.5 Stars – Mediocre

3.0 Stars – Average

3.5 Stars – Good

4.0 Stars – Great

4.5 Stars – Excellent

5.0 Stars – Masterpiece

Our ratings can be broken into categories as follows:

Not Recommended: 1.0 – 2.0

Mixed: 2.5 – 3.0

Recommended: 3.5 – 4.0

Must Play: 4.5 – 5.0


Last Updated April 29, 2024