How to Analyze Your Fighting Game Replays

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    Self-reflection is absolutely essential for excelling at fighting games. This advice should not be taken lightly—it is crucial for any player looking to progress. Watching your replays is the best way to practice self-reflection, and fighting game coaches commonly recommend it. However, many new players get lost when reviewing their replays and don’t know what to look for. For those struggling, this article will outline the essential steps needed to learn how to analyze fighting game replays. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

    Pay Attention to All the Times You Took Damage and Let the Opponent Get Away With Doing Something

    how to analyze fighting game replays

    After playing an online match, win or lose, you need to review the footage to see what happened. Key questions you should ask yourself when watching your replays are:

    • What did I take a lot of damage from?
    • What did I let my opponent get away with doing a lot?

    With these questions in mind, take note of all the times you took damage and see which attacks you lost to the most. Your objective should be to avoid losing to those things when facing that opponent again.

    Additionally, you should also look for things your opponent did that you let them get away with doing a lot. For example, maybe your opponent kept doing a particular pressure string that you kept blocking that had gaps. You could’ve capitalized on the opponent’s habit, but you failed to do so.


    If you’re struggling against a specific player, you can watch someone who plays the same character as you and has beaten your opponent. Try seeing what’s working for them and emulate their game plan so that the next time you fight against that opponent, you have a higher chance of doing well.

    Get Into Training Mode and Find Solutions Against Those Things

    how to analyze fighting game replays

    Alright, so you’ve learned how to analyze your fighting game replays properly. Now, you just need to find solutions to the things you lost to. Most fighting games these days have a record/replay function in their training modes. This allows you to record the things you’re having trouble with and find answers for them.

    After finding answers to each problem, write them down in your notebook or note app on your phone. Having a section for each character matchup in your respective game will make it more organized for you.

    The Benefits of Watching Your Replays

    how to analyze fighting game replays

    So why exactly should you watch your replays? Well, it provides much crucial information that will benefit you in the long run. One benefit is that if you run into that player again in another online match, you will already have a game plan in place to do better this time around. If you travel offline for major tournaments, you might even run into them at the bracket! Keep yourself prepared against all the players you fight online because you might encounter them again.

    An extra benefit to watching your replays is learning more about the matchup. The solutions you find to your problems can be used against players with the same character. This leads to the last benefit: sometimes, one game plan you have against one player can work against another. Usually, most people who play the same character have similar habits. These are called character tendencies, and learning about them will help you fight against numerous opponents.

    No Online? No Problem!

    Some players don’t like to play online for numerous reasons and would rather play offline. This is fine, as you can still record matches in person against opponents that you face. You can use a smartphone tripod to record the match or record your footage using console recording settings.

    In particular, the smartphone tripod method is highly recommended because it helps for offline tournaments. If you lose to an opponent at a tournament, you can review the footage, see what you did wrong, and create a working game plan that beats them. Try asking that player for a small casual set after the tournament to test your findings.

    Wrapping Things Up

    Remember that this is a starting point for those who want to learn how to analyze their fighting game replays. It’s interactive and makes the experience fun for some, but other players might have different approaches to reviewing their matches. Don’t be afraid to try this method!

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