Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Water Gym Leader Kofu – How to Beat

    Located in Cascarrafa, Kofu is the Water-type Gym Leader of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The recommended level to face him is Level 30. Be sure to have a team with Pokémon around that level and some grass and electric types.

    Kofu’s Pokémon Team

    Water Gym Leader Kofu has a team composed mostly of water-type Pokemon.

    • Veluza: Lvl 29 – Type: Water/Psychic – Moves: Slash, Pluck, Aqua Cutter
    • Wugtrio: Lvl 29 – Type: Water – Moves: Mud-Slap, Water Pulse, Headbutt
    • Crabominable: Lvl 30 – Type: Fighting/Ice – Moves: Crabhammer, Rock Smash, Slam
    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Wiglett
    Is Wugtrio just three shiny Wiglett?


    Using an electric or grass-type Pokémon will keep you mostly safe in this battle. The only warnings I can offer are that Kofu’s Wugtrio does know Mud Slap which will wipe an electric- type Pokemon out, and Crabominable is Ice type, meaning grass won’t be super-effective against it. However, Crabominable doesn’t know any ice-type moves which will ensure your grass-type Pokémon safety. Kofu’s Pokemon all have the Water-Tera type. Crabominable will become more susceptible to electric-type attacks if it terastallizes.

    What Next?

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