Pokémon Scarlet Armarouge – How to Get

    Did you see those really cool armored Pokémon in that one trailer? Well, here’s a guide on
    how to get one of them! We’ll be covering how to get Armarouge. These are version exclusive Pokémon, so be sure to check this guide if you have
    Violet, so that you can get Ceruledge. The methods are similar but there are key differences.

    Where to Find Charcadet

    First you need a Charcadet, since it is the Pokémon that evolves into Armarouge. This little
    buddy can be found here.

    Auspicious Armor

    You need an item to evolve Charcadet, that item being Auspicious Armor. You can get it from the old lady by the fountain in Zapapico. She’ll give it to you if you trade her 10 Bronzor fragments. Defeated or caught Bronzor drop these.


    Now all you have to do is use the Auspicious Armor on Charcadet. This will trigger its
    evolution into Armarouge! Enjoy!


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