Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Kingambit – How to Get

    Bisharp has a new evolution! It’s not exactly straight forward to get, if you aren’t paying super  close attention then this new Pokémon will slip right under your radar. Here’s how to get a Kingambit.  

    Where to find Pawniard or Bisharp 

    You’ll need a Bisharp to evolve. You have to catch a Bisharp anyways (you’ll see in the next  section), but feel free to catch a Pawniard to raise or get ready to evolve a Pawniard or Bisharp  you may have already been using. Here’s where you can find Pawniard and Bisharp. 

    Leader’s Crest 

    In order to evolve a Bisharp, you need an item called Leader’s Crest. Luckily, this item is held  by Bisharp. The catch, is that you must capture a Bisharp that is with a group of Pawniard.  Their general location was detailed above. 

    How to evolve a Bisharp into Kingambit 

    Equip the Leader’s Crest to a Bisharp of your choice, you can use the one you captured that  held the crest or a Pawniard you evolved. Your Bisharp just has to defeat 3 other Bisharp while  holding the Leader’s Crest. After accomplishing this, your Bisharp will have proved its worth,  asserted its dominance, and will evolve into a Kingambit!


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