Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Bug Gym Leader Katy – How to Beat

    Bug-Type Gym Leader Katy's Team and Useful Tactics

    Located in Cortondo, Katy is the Bug-type Gym Leader of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The recommended level to face her is Level 15. Be sure to have a team with Pokémon around that level and some fire or flying types.

    Katy’s Pokémon Team

    Bug Gym Leader Katy has a Bug-type Pokémon team that also serves as an introduction to Tera Types.

    • Nymble: Lvl 14 – Type: Bug – Moves: Struggle Bug, Double Kick
    • Tarountula: Lvl 14 – Type: Bug – Moves: Bug BIte, Assurance
    • Teddiursa: Lvl 15 – Type: Normal – Moves: Fury Cutter, Fury Swipes


    Generally speaking, Fire and Flying-type Pokémon will be invaluable against Katy. Try not to use Pokémon that are Grass or Psychic types, as they are weak to Bug-type moves. Those who picked Sprigatito as your starter, be careful and protect your little buddy! She is the lowest-level Gym Leader, so you don’t have to worry too much about deep tactics. Her Nymble does have Double Kick, which will dish out some damage to any of your normal, dark, or rock- type Pokemon. Katy’s Tarountula knows Assurance, a dark type move that is strong against ghost and psychic types. Katy has access to Terastallization. All of her Pokémon have the Bug- Tera Type. She can terastallize Teddiursa, giving it the Bug-Tera Type. This type change will make Teddiursa’s Fury Cutter more powerful due to the type match. Since Teddiursa is now a bug type, fire and flying-type moves will be more effective! Fury Cutter grows in strength after successive uses, and Fury Swipes will hit multiple times. Work these move effects into your strategy!

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