Reverse: 1999 Spathodea Character Overview and Build Guide

    A versatile and powerful new arcanist.

    Spathodea makes her debut as a powerful six-star arcanist in the Reverse: 1999 Version 1.5 “Revival! The Uluru Games” update. The optimal Spathodea build will see the new Reverse: 1999 boxer excel as a strong but versatile DPS unit. 

    The Reverse: 1999 Version 1.5 “Revival! The Uluru Games” update introduces the six-star boxer Spathodea and the five-star talking flame Ulu. These two characters are available in the new rate-up banner “The Chirps of Flame.”

    Spathodea Thrives in Reverse: 1999 With This Build 

    In Reverse: 1999, Spathodea is a main DPS Beast character capable of dealing mental damage and inflicting burst damage on a single target. She can be an essential arcanist in a Burn-focused team as well. In fact, she can gain bonuses whenever the Burn status is inflicted with an attack. 

    ​Before diving into her build, here’s a breakdown of her skills: 

    • Little Boxer: 1-target attack. Deals 200% Reality Damage. If the
      caster has been granted [Pre-Ignition] status, this attack’s critical
      damage will increase by 40%.
    • Ignition Point: Mass attack. Deals Mental Damage to 2 enemies. After
      active casting, Spathodea gains [Mars], which increases her Leech Rate
      and self-buff of [Pre-Ignition].
    • Ultimate Skill “Flame Within The Fire”: 1-target attack. Deals
      700% Reality Damage. This attack’s Critical Damage increases by 40%;
      If the target carries 15 stacks or more of [Burn], Critical Damage will
      increase by an additional 40%.​
    • Insight:
      • Insight 1: When an attack inflicts [Burn] status, the next attack will have its critical rate increase by 25%.
      • Insight 2: When entering combat, damage dealt is increased by 8%.
      • Insight 3: When a single-target attack lands a critical hit, 4 stacks of [Burn] will be inflicted upon the target.

    With these skills in mind, Spathodea will excel with the Luxurious Leisure, Thunderous Applause, or Long Night Talk Psychubes. Luxurious Leisure gives Spathodea a damage bonus, Thunderous Applause increases Spathodea’s critical strike damage, and Long Night Talk offers exclusive effects for the new character. One of these three Psychubes will fit perfectly with Spathodea in your new Reverse: 1999 team build.

    Spathodea can be the team’s main DPS unit alongside a normal sub-DPS or Healer, and she can be the main arcanist for a burn team. With one of the three aforementioned Psychubes, Spathodea will fit perfectly in a team build with the following Reverse: 1999 archanists: 

    • Sub-DPS: Bkornblume, Pickles, Shamane
    • Healer: Tooth Fairy, Balloon Party, Medicine Pocket
    • Burn Team: Ulu

    Lastly, Reverse: 1999 is available now for Android, iOS, and PC via Windows

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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