Starfield Patch Launches May 15 With Several New Features

    The update will include improved surface maps, new gameplay options, and more.

    Bethesda has announced that the next Starfield patch will release on May 15. The update will include several new highly requested features.

    Starfield is Bethesda’s first new franchise in almost twenty years. The game allows players to explore the galaxies, go on various quests, and partake in the ultimate sci-fi fantasy. Bethesda and Xbox released the game on the Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6.

    Starfield May 15 Patch Includes Several New Features

    Starfield Screenshot

    Bethesda Game Studios has officially announced that the next major Starfield patch will release on May 15. The update will include new visual options, including the choice between prioritizing performance and visuals, several bug fixes, and more. The major features for the patch are as follows:

    • Improved surface maps – We’ve heard your feedback, and we’ve made some big improvements to surface maps, so you’ll always know just where to go and no longer “get lost” on the way to your parents’ place (and they weren’t buying that excuse anyway, you should really go visit them).
    • New gameplay options – For those of you who like a bit of an extra challenge or want to make some aspects of the game easier, you can customize your experience with brand new options in the Settings menu. Want to make ground combat harder but ship combat easier? You can do just that!
    • Added Ship Decoration mode to the interior of Ships – now you can decorate your ships just like you can with Outposts!
    • Added Tabs to Container menus to make managing your inventory easier.
    • Added the ability to change Traits and appearance after entering the Unity.
    • Added Dialogue camera toggle in the Settings.
    • Added Display settings for Xbox Series X to prioritize Visuals or Performance (Series X).

    Check out the trailer for the update below:

    Starfield is available now on the Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam. It is also available through Xbox’s Game Pass service. The game’s next update will release on May 15.

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