Street Fighter 6 Reveals Akuma Fighting Pass

    Akuma is coming soon, so time to celebrate!

    Street Fighter 6 will be having a fighting pass arriving with Akuma on May 22. This news comes from Street Fighter‘s official X/Twitter account.

    Street Fighter 6 has seen many fighting pass collaborations so far with popular franchises such as SPY x Family and Baki the Grappler. Numerous players have participated in these collaborations, making Capcom consider doing more. Now, a new collaboration is here, but this time, it celebrates the return of an iconic character.

    Street Fighter 6 Akuma Fighting Pass Celebrates Akuma’s Release

    Players can expect to equip many avatar gear from the fighting pass, such as Akuma’s beads and Cyber Akuma’s wings. Additionally, when taking a photo, you can see the raging demon kanji on the frame. The stickers, titles, and device wallpaper all show off kanji as well, with some having Akuma make an appearance. Furthermore, the playable classic game is Street Fighter Alpha 2, and the pass’s music consists of Ultra Street Fighter 2 remixes.

    However, the notable part of this fighting pass is the emote. The emote references Sawada’s special attack from the 1994 game Street Fighter: The Movie. This is a notable easter egg that older fans of the franchise will be sure to appreciate.

    Finally, the description for the Fighting Pass reads, “The time is nigh for Akuma’s arrival in Street Fighter 6! Before he depletes your life of all hope, celebrate your impending doom with the “Akuma Arrives! Fighting Pass” in May featuring avatar cosmetic items inspired by your favorite raging demon. Coming with Akuma on May 22 is a new way to fight in the Battle Hub called GIANT ATTACK! Stay tuned for more information.”

    Watch the trailer below, via Capcom:

    Street Fighter 6 is available now on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Steam, and Xbox Series X|S. 


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