Street Fighter 6 Reveals Second Part of Baki Collaboration

    It's a grappler celebration again!

    Street Fighter‘s official X/Twitter account announced that Street Fighter 6 is starting its second collaboration phase with the Baki manga. This collaboration celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Baki manga series.

    Street Fighter 6 is a hub for dynamic collaborations, having previously teamed up with iconic IPs such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, the affiliations don’t stop there, as the SPY x FAMILY CODE: WHITE collaboration begins on January 9, 2024. These partnerships showcase the game’s commitment to engaging its player base with fresh and diverse content. Now, another part of a previous collaboration is coming to the game.

    Street Fighter 6 x Baki the Grappler Second Collaboration – What To Expect

    A sticker of Baki the Grappler and a Street Fighter 6 avatar posing together in a picture.

    Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Baki manga, SF6 is continuing its collaboration with it. Players can now enter the game and claim many free titles, stickers, and frames featuring characters from the Baki universe. Indeed, players can access this content right now.

    In the first phase of the collaboration, Street Fighter 6 introduced avatars for Baki Hanma and Kaoru Hanayama. Later, developers added Doppo Orochi and Pickle to give players various options. As the celebration continues, players can delve even deeper into the Baki universe with additional rewards.

    This collaboration pays homage to Baki’s legacy, introducing its universe to new audiences unfamiliar with the manga series. To clarify, Keisuke Itagaki created Baki the Grappler, a Japanese manga. It tells the tale of a teenage Baki Hanma who undergoes intense training and challenges. He engages in lethal, rule-free hand-to-hand combat against fighters proficient in diverse fighting styles. His ultimate goal is to ascend to the pinnacle of martial prowess and challenge the dominance of his formidable father, Yujiro. Yujiro is a ruthless individual whose sole purpose is to engage in combat and inflict pain on others. Baki sees him as the strongest being on Earth and will stop at nothing to surpass him.

    Lastly, Street Fighter 6 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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