Kingdom Hearts IV Reportedly Has Online Features, Might Come to Switch 2

    Notable leaker Midori has shared new information on Kingdom Hearts IV. According to her, the code name of the game is “Quattro”, and it is set to have some “small online features”. Additionally, she states that it looks “very different from the first trailer”. 

    In a tweet replying to the above, she also states that both Kingdom Hearts IV and the entire Kingdom Hearts series “might” come to Nintendo Switch 2. Currently, the entire Kingdom Hearts series is playable on Nintendo Switch through the Cloud. This implies that native ports are in the works for next-generation hardware.

    Kingdom Hearts IV was revealed alongside the 20th anniversary of the series. A short trailer showcasing the world of Quadratum was showcased, with no release date or platforms mentioned. Since then, it’s been mostly radio silence as the team has been hard at work. Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that Quadratum will act as the “hub” for the early portions of the game and that there will be a “Lost Masters” antagonist group.

    Midori is best known for her reporting on SEGA, with her previously confirming that the Jet Set Radio title showcased at The Game Awards 2023 would land on next-generation Nintendo hardware. She backed this up multiple times, stating, “Every Atlus and Sega remake is also releasing on Switch 2.” Besides her comments on JSR, Midori has an extensive track record with SEGA/Atlus titles. 

    Specifically with Persona, Midori revealed Persona 3 Reload The Answer DLC before datamines occurred. Also, Midori has claimed Persona 2 and Persona 4 remakes are in the works at ATLUS. All of the Persona 3 Reload rumors turned out to be true, including the Expansion Pass and Episode Aigis -The Answer-. In addition, Midori claims that Persona 6 will come to Xbox platforms and Nintendo Switch 2 at launch, and that the game will feature a green motif.


    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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