Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Normal Gym Leader Larry – How to Beat

    Normal Larry, Normal Pokemon, Normal tactics...?

    Located in Medali, Larry is the Normal-type Gym Leader of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The recommended level to face him is Level 36. Be sure to have a team with Pokémon around that level and some fighting types. A Ghost-type Pokémon can even be used to avoid some normal-type attacks, as well.

    Larry’s Pokémon Team

    The Normal Gym Leader Larry has normal Pokémon.

    • Komala: Lvl 35 – Type: Normal – Moves: Yawn, Sucker Punch, Slam
    • Dundunsparce: Lvl 35 – Type: Normal – Moves: Hyper Drill, Drill Run, Glare
    • Staraptor: Lvl 36- Type: Normal/Flying – Moves: Facade, Aerial Ace

    Normal Gym Leader Larry two in one+Normal Gym Leader Larry two in one


    Type-wise you don’t have to worry about too much. Even the Tera-type doesn’t change much about Larry’s Pokémon besides a power boost. Komala can make your Pokémon drowsy with Yawn or even prevent you from using a ghost-type to negate normal moves with Sucker Punch. Dundunsparce has the powerful Hyper Drill attack, stay on your toes! Staraptor can cause you some problems with Facade and Aerial Ace. Facade grows in strength if Staraptor has a status effect, and Aerial Ace is super-effective against fighting-type Pokémon.

    What Next?

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