Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Elite Four Rika – How to Beat

    We'll tell you how to GROUD Rika.

    Elite Four Rika’s team is Ground-type centric. They have diverse dual-typing, making sure you’ll have to work for this victory. Bring some water, grass, ice, and a psychic type for good measure!

    Elite Four Rika ’s Team

    • Whiscash: Lvl 57- Type: Ground/Water – Moves: Muddy Water, Earth Power, Blizzard, Future Sight
    • Camerupt: Lvl 57: Type: Ground/Fire – Moves: Earth Power, Fire Blast, Flash Cannon, Yawn
    • Donphan: Lvl 57- Type: Ground – Moves: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Iron Head, Poison Jab
    • Dugtrio: Lvl 57 – Type: Ground – Moves: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Sucker Punch, Sandstorm
    • Clodsire: Lvl 58 – Type: Ground/Poison – Moves: Earthquake, Liquidation, Toxic, Protect


    Rika’s ground-type Pokémon may have some extra typings that cover his bases a bit better, but this battle will be yours as long as you swap Pokémon. Whiscash is four times weak to grass types and Camerupt is four times weak to water types. Clodsire is weak to ground, psychic, and water. Not to mention Donphan and dugtrio are weak to water, grass, and ice. Swapping Pokémon is key to eliminating Rika fast. Rika’s Pokémon don’t really have many attacks that can fight back against his weak points either. Dugtrio knows Sucker Punch, which could knock out any Psychic Pokémon you may wanna use against Clodsire. Tera-type wise, Rika’s strategy is to power up his Ground-type Pokémon with their Ground Tera-type. No type-changing shenanigans here.

    The Rest of the Endgame

    Even though Elite Four Rika has been defeated, there’s more Endgame Trainers! Check out these guides, up-and-coming Champ!

    Payne aka PayneFusion is a huge fan of JRPGs. SQUARE ENIX owns his heart, especially their 'FINAL FANTASY' series. He is currently an aspiring artist and a studier of Japanese.

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