Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Elite Four Poppy – How to Beat

    Poppy is small but powerful. We'll help you prove who's boss.

    Elite Four Poppy may be small, but don’t underestimate her! She’s packing some powerful Steel-type Pokémon! Most of her team is dual-type, so don’t get cocky. I recommend bringing fire and ground types.

    Elite Four Poppy ’s Team

    • Copperajah – Lvl 57 – Type: Steel – Moves: High Horsepower, Play Rough, Heavy Slam, Stealth Rock
    • Magnezone – Lvl 57 – Type: Steel/Electric – Moves: Discharge, Flash Cannon, Light Screen, Tri Attack
    • Bronzong: Lvl 57 – Type: Steel/Psychic – Moves: Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Rock Blast, Earthquake
    • Corviknight – Lvl 57 – Type: Steel/Flying – Moves: Brave Bird / Iron Head / Body Press / Iron Defense
    • Tinkaton – Lvl 58 – Type: Steel/Fairy – Moves: Play Rough, Gigaton Hammer, Brick Break, Stone Edge


    As far as worrying about Tera-types, she won’t be pulling any type switching. Her Pokémon have the Steel Tera-type, all of ‘em. They’ll just get a boost from terastalling, so you don’t have to change up many tactics mid-battle. Fire-type Pokemon and attacks will carry you through this fight. All of her Pokémon are weak to fire, but many of her Pokémon know Rock-type attacks that will counter your fire. Ground Pokémon work really well too! Her Pokémon don’t have any attacks that are dangerous to Ground-type Pokémon either. However, ground-type attacks won’t work on Staraptor (flying-type) or Bronzong (levitate ability).

    The Rest of the Endgame

    Even though Elite Four Poppy has been defeated, there’s more Endgame Trainers! Check out these guides, up-and-coming Champ!

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