Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Guides

    The REUNION is happening, and Final Weapon is here to help you get to it. Here’s our entire selection of Crisis Core Reunion Guides, everything from SOLDIER Missions, Quests, and various other guides.

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    Quests Guides

    There’s some other optional quests to do in the game that net you neat bonuses or character moments. I recommend checking your map often, as it marks all side content with orange markers. Though, it can be overwhelming. Use these guide to help decide if you wanna go out of your way for something. Some things change or can only be done once per playthrough as well!

    Missions Guide

    Crisis Core has 300 SOLDIER Missions. There’s a ton to do. There’s tons of rewards to keep track of too. Use this guide in conjunction with our other guides to complete this game! If all of that noise just sounds too tedious, I recommend picking through our guides to help you choose the content you do want to engage with!

    Other Crisis Core Reunion Guides

    Here’s some other important things you should know! You want a full DMW with tons of Zack’s memories and antics, and you don’t wanna miss anything, right?

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