Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion M10: Mysteries of the World Missions Guide

    Crisis Core has a lotta Missions. This guide covers the 12 Mysteries of the World Crisis Core M10 Missions. Each Mission has its rewards and unlock requirements detailed. Each mission involves defeating certain enemies, so go into each mission prepared with your best Materia and a good supply of items.

    M10-1 Cactoid Secrets

    M10-1-1: Where’s the Cactuar?

    • Unlock Requirement: Defeat Kactuar in Mission 3-1-3 Eliminate the Copies
    • Treasure: Potion, Elixir
    • Completion Reward(s): Muscle Belt

    M10-1-2: Kactuar?

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 10-1-1 Where’s the Cactuar?
    • Treasure: Remedy, AP Up Materia, Cursed Ring
    • Completion Reward(s): Champion Belt

    M10-1-3: Cactuar Found?

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 10-1-2 Kactuar?
    • Treasure: Safety Bit, White Cape, X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Cactus Thorn  (DMW)

    M10-2 Tonberry Quests

    M10-2-1: Find the Tonberry!

    • Unlock Requirement: Defeat Tonberry in Mission 6-1-5 Buried in the Caverns
    • Treasure: Blizzard Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Silver Armlet

    M10-2-2: Tonberries Everywhere

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 10-2-1 Find the Tonberry!
    • Treasure: X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Gysahl Green

    M10-2-3: Master Tonberry

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 10-2-2 Tonberries Everywhere
    • Treasure: Phoenix Down, X-Potion, X-Potion, Mystile
    • Completion Reward(s): Tonberry’s Knife  (DMW)

    M10-3 Fun in the Sun!

    M10-3-1: Vacation Time

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-2-2 Take Back the Carrier
    • Treasure: None
    • Completion Reward(s): Dark Matter

    M10-3-2: Vacation for Real

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 10-3-1 Vacation Time
    • Treasure: None
    • Completion Reward(s): Gysahl Green

    M10-3-3: Please Make it a Vacation

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 10-3-2 Vacation for Real
    • Treasure: None
    • Completion Reward(s): Hero Drink

    M10-4 More Fun in the Sun!

    M10-4-1: You Need a Vacation

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 10-3-3 Please Make it a Vacation
    • Treasure: None
    • Completion Reward(s): Phoenix Down

    M10-4-2: We Hope it’s a Vacation

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 10-4-1 You Need a Vacation
    • Treasure: None
    • Completion Reward(s): Mythril

    M10-4-3: Is it a Vacation Yet?

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 10-4-2 We Hope it’s a Vacation
    • Treasure: None
    • Completion Reward(s): Adamantite

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