Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion M9: Great Cavern of Wonders Missions Guide

    Crisis Core has a lotta Missions. This guide covers the 36 Great Cavern of Wonders Crisis Core M9 Missions. Each Mission has its rewards and unlock requirements detailed. Each mission involves defeating certain enemies, so go into each mission prepared with your best Materia and a good supply of items. The of Crisis Core M9 Missions is tough. I recommend great skills or caution.

    M9-1 Invitation to the Underground

    M9-1-1: Underground Caves

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete 8-6-6 Mission S.O.S….?
    • Treasure: Graviga Materia, Fire Ring, Bronze Armlet, Hypno Crown
    • Completion Reward(s): Aegis Armlet

    M9-1-2: Deeper into the Caves

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-1-1 Underground Caves
    • Treasure: Fat Chocobo Feather, Diamond Gloves, Gysahl Green, MBarrier Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Thundaga Blade Materia

    M9-1-3: Marks of an Intruder

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-1-2 Deeper into the Caves
    • Treasure: Lightning Ring, Assault Twister, Barrier Materia, Mountain Chocobo Armlet, Drainga Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Rune Armlet

    M9-1-4: Genesis’s Interception

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-1-3 Marks of an Intruder
    • Treasure: Phoenix Down, Adamantite, Crystal Bracelet, Mythril, Shinra Beta
    • Completion Reward(s): High Jump Materia

    M9-1-5: Behind the Scenes

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-1-4 Genesis’s Interception
    • Treasure: Frost Armlet, MBarrier Materia, Quake Materia, Osmoga Materia, Quake Materia, Barrier Materia, Drainga Materia, River Chocobo Armlet
    • Completion Reward(s): Wall Materia

    M9-1-6: Genesis’s Threat

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-1-5 Behind the Scenes
    • Treasure: Dark Matter, Stop Blade Materia, Lunar Harp
    • Completion Reward(s): Elixir

    M9-2 Stirrings

    M9-2-1: The Third Power

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-1-6 Genesis’s Threat
    • Treasure: Black Belt, Gysahl Greens, Graviga Materia, Magic Up++ Materia, Hell Firaga Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Poison Twister

    M9-2-2: Weapons Out of Control

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission The 9-2-1 Third Power
    • Treasure: Phoenix Down, X-Potion, Elixir, Hypno Crown, River Chocobo Armlet
    • Completion Reward(s): Hero Drink x2

    M9-2-3: Continuing into the Caves

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-2-2 Weapons Out of Control
    • Treasure: River Chocobo Armlet, Phoenix Down, Snow Armlet, Fat Chocobo Feather, X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Element Blade

    M9-2-4: A New Path Discovered

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-2-3 Continuing into the Caves
    • Treasure: Lunar Harp, Gysahl Greens, Adaman Bangle, X-Potion, Crystal Bracelet
    • Completion Reward(s): Energy Materia

    M9-2-5: To the Lower Levels

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-2-4 A New Path Discovered
    • Treasure: X-Potion, Death Jump Materia, Death Twister Materia, Snow Armlet, 100000 Gil, Gold Hairpin
    • Completion Reward(s): Iron Fist Materia

    M9-2-6: Signs of Materia

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-2-5 To the Lower Levels
    • Treasure: Zeio Nut, Fat Chocobo Feather, Hero Drink, Gysahl Greens, Diamond Gloves
    • Completion Reward(s): SP Turbo Materia

    M9-3 In Search of What?

    M9-3-1: To the End

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-2-6 Signs of Materia
    • Treasure: Adamantite, Aegis Armlet, Mythril, X-Potion, Lunar Harp
    • Completion Reward(s): Hammer Punch Materia

    M9-3-2: Genesis’s Challenge

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-3-1 To the End
    • Treasure: Fat Chocobo Feather, Poison Blade Materia, Elixir, Phoenix Down, Crystal Orb
    • Completion Reward(s): Protect Ring

    M9-3-3: Genesis’s New Weapon

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-3-2 Genesis’s Challenge
    • Treasure: Adamantite, Crystal Orb, Energy Materia, Fat Chocobo Feather, Network Shop Duo , Black Cowl
    • Completion Reward(s): Gravity MAG +38 Materia

    M9-3-4: Genesis’s Super Weapon

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-3-3 Genesis’s New Weapon
    • Treasure: Fire Materia, Mythril, Gysahl Greens, Blizzara Materia, Crystal Orb, Fat Chocobo Feather
    • Completion Reward(s): Magical Punch Materia

    M9-3-5: Wutai’s Best

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-3-4 Genesis’s Super Weapon
    • Treasure: Brigand’s Gloves, X-Potion, Mythril, Status Ward Materia, Phoenix Down, Fat Chocobo Feather, Shining Bracer
    • Completion Reward(s): Escort Guard

    M9-3-6: No More Wutai

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-3-5 Wutai’s Best
    • Treasure: Silver Armlet, Mythril, Elixir, Lunar Harp, Rune Armlet
    • Completion Reward(s): Flare MAG +30 Materia

    M9-4 Realm of Demons

    M9-4-1: Genesis’s Ambition

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-3-6 No More Wutai
    • Treasure: Gysahl Greens, High Jump Materia, Platinum Bangle, Tarot Cards, Phoenix Down, Dualcast Materia, Assault Twister+ Materia, Hero Drink
    • Completion Reward(s): 4x Kaiser Knuckles

    M9-4-2: Genesis’s Passion

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-4-1 Genesis’s Ambition
    • Treasure: Crystal Gloves, Dark Matter, Wall Materia, Mythril Armlet, Sky Chocobo Armlet, Rune Armlet, Headband, Gravity Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Fat Chocobo Feather

    M9-4-3: A Fresh Start

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-4-2 Genesis’s Passion
    • Treasure: SP Barrier Materia, Kaiser Knuckles, Moon Bracer, Assault Twister+Materia, Sea Chocobo Armlet
    • Completion Reward(s): 1000 Needles Materia

    M9-4-4: Machines Gone Haywire

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-4-3 A Fresh Start
    • Treasure: Soul of Thamasa, Wall Materia, Royal Crown, Kaiser Knuckles, Flare Materia, Dark Agent
    • Completion Reward(s): Precious Watch

    M9-4-5: Only for SOLDIER

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-4-4 Machines Gone Haywire
    • Treasure: Curaga Materia, Flare Materia, Adamantite, Magic Master, SP Turbo Attack Materia, Fat Chocobo Feather
    • Completion Reward(s): Murderous Thrust Materia

    M9-4-6: Only for 1st Class

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-4-5 Only for SOLDIER
    • Treasure: Flare Materia, Electrocute Materia, Drainga Materia, Hero Drink, Shining Bracer
    • Completion Reward(s): Sniper Eye

    M9-5 Unknown Energy

    M9-5-1: Hojo’s Monsters

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-4-6 Only for 1st Class
    • Treasure: Phoenix Down, Flare Materia, Wall Materia, Gysahl Greens, Fat Chocobo Featherx10, Mountain Chocobo Armlet
    • Completion Reward(s): Brutal

    M9-5-2: Further Below

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-5-1 Hojo’s Monsters
    • Treasure: Mythril, Doc’s Code, Elemental Ward, Hero Drink, Silver Armlet, Aegis Armlet, Flare Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): SP Barrier Materia

    M9-5-3: Unusually Strong Monsters

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-5-2 Further Below
    • Treasure: Rune Armlet, Gil Toss Materia, Dark Matter, Tri-Thundaga Materia, Escort Guard, Elemental Strike Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Protect Ring

    M9-5-4: Abnormal Power

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-5-3 Unusually Strong Monsters
    • Treasure: Royal Crown, Platinum Bangle, Dark Matter, Phoenix Down, Costly Punch Materia, Jeweled Ring, Osmoga Materia, Net Shop Shade, Adaman Bangle
    • Completion Reward(s): Laurel Crown

    M9-5-5: A Lonely Journey

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-5-4 Abnormal Power
    • Treasure: Hero Drink, Tri-Fire Materia, Elixir, Fat Chocobo Feather
    • Completion Reward(s): Hellfire MAG +40 Materia

    M9-5-6: Even Deeper

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-5-5 A Lonely Journey
    • Treasure: Zeio Nut, Sky Chocobo Armlet, Electrocute Materia, Good-Luck Charm, Mythril Armlet, Curaga Materia, Ziedrich
    • Completion Reward(s): Megaflare MAG +50 Materia

    M9-6 Doors to the Unknown

    M9-6-1: Toughest Monsters

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-5-6 Even Deeper
    • Treasure: Elixir, Flare Materia, Hero Drink, Elixir, Wall Materia, Osmoga Materia, Mythril, Curaga Materia, Status Strike Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Zantetsuken MAG +60 Materia

    M9-6-2: The Lowest Tier

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-6-1 Toughest Monsters
    • Treasure: Fat Chocobo Feather, Phoenix Down, Energy Materia, Laurel Crown, Phoenix Down, Elixir, Ultima Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Super Ribbon

    M9-6-3: Weapons Gone Haywire

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-6-2 The Lowest Tier
    • Treasure: Dark Matter, Brutal, Phoenix Down, Gysahl Greens, Adamantite, Silver Armlet, Elixir, Energy Materia, Hero Drink
    • Completion Reward(s): Rebirth Flame MAG +80 Materia

    M9-6-4: Biomechanical Threats

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-6-3 Weapons Gone Haywire
    • Treasure: Flare Materia, Genji Glove, Fat Chocobo Feather, Kaiser Knuckles, Gysahl Greens, Gold Hairpin
    • Completion Reward(s): Exaflare MAG +100 Materia

    M9-6-5: Life Form of Energy

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-6-4 Biomechanical Threats
    • Treasure: Rune Armlet, Phoenix Down, Energy Suit, Soul of Thamasa, Ultima Materia, Platinum Bangle
    • Completion Reward(s): SP Master Materia

    M9-6-6: The Reigning Deity

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 9-6-5 LIfe Form of Energy
    • Treasure: None
    • Completion Reward(s): Divine Slayer

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