Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion DMW Unlocks Guide

    The DMW is an integral feature to Crisis Core. This slot machine is always going in battles and gives Zack bonuses based on his emotional state, the numbers of the slots, and the picture of the slots. As you progress through the story you meet many characters and as you explore and complete missions you will discover summon materia and mysterious creatures. These will all add new effects to your DMW, including new Limit Breaks, Summons, and other effects. This guide will give you a glimpse into what the DMW has to offer. Nothing too Spoilerific is here so don’t worry, the DMW still holds more secrets. We just don’t want you to miss anything! Check our DMW Basics guide for more info and our Missables Guide so you don’t miss anything!

    Crisis Core DMW

    • Chain Slash
    • Octaslash
    • Rush Assault
    • Air Strike – Chapter 2
    • Lucky Stars – Chapter 3
    • Healing Wave – Chapter 4
    • Meteor Shots – Chapter 5


    • Hellfire – Clear Mission 8-1-1 Rematch with Ifrit
    • Megaflare – Clear Mission 8-1-4 Rematch with Bahamut
    • Exaflare – Clear Mission 8-5-6 Treasure Info 6
    • Zantetsuken – Clear Mission 8-1-6 Mystery Materia
    • Rebirth Flame – Chapter 8, Nibelheim Seven Wonders #1

    Chocobo Mode

    • Chocobo Stomp – Clear Mission 8-4-1 Suspicious Mail 1
    • 1000 Needles – Clear Mission 10-1-3 Cactuar Found?
    • Murderous Thrust – Clear Mission 10-2-3 Master Tonberry
    • Courage Boost! – Clear Mission 8-4-3 Suspicious Mail 3
    • Moogle Power – Clear Mission 8-4-4 Suspicious Mail 4
    • Item Mugger – Encounter Magic Pot and follow its commands (guide)

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