Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion M3: Genesis’s Forces Missions Guide

    Crisis Core has a lotta Missions. This guide covers the 30 Genesis’s Forces Crisis Core M3 Missions. Each Mission has its rewards and unlock requirements detailed. Each mission involves defeating certain enemies, so go into each mission prepared with your best Materia and a good supply of items.

    M3-1 Genesis’s Forces on the March

    M3-1-1: Foes on the Waterfront

    • Unlock Requirement: Chapter 3
    • Treasure: Potion, X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Bronze Bangle

    M3-1-2: Massive Machines

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-1-1 Foes on the Waterfront
    • Treasure: Remedy
    • Completion Reward(s): Iron Bangle

    M3-1-3: Eliminate the Copies

    • Unlock Requirement: Chapter 4
    • Treasure: Wrist Band
    • Completion Reward(s): AP Up Materia

    M3-1-4: Destroy the Death Machines

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-1-3 Eliminate the Copies
    • Treasure: Hi-Potion, X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): VIT Up Materia

    M3-1-5: Eliminate the Death Machines

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-1-4 Destroy the Death Machines
    • Treasure: Ether
    • Completion Reward(s): Mythril Gloves

    M3-1-6: Midgar Defense Operations

    • Unlock Requirement: Chapter 5
    • Treasure: Thunder Materia, Soma, Esuna Materia, Remedy
    • Completion Reward(s): Mystile

    M3-2 Major Offensives

    M3-2-1: Foes in the Slums

    • Unlock Requirement: Chapter 6
    • Treasure: Soma
    • Completion Reward(s): Lightning Armlet

    M3-2-2: Take Back the Carrier

    • Unlock Requirement: Chapter 7
    • Treasure: Zeio Nut, Hi-Potion, Pearl Necklace, Assault Twister Materia, Jump Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): MP Up++ Materia

    M3-2-3: Raid the Enemy’s Stronghold

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission Take Back the Carrier
    • Treasure: Elixir, Thundara Materia, X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Fire Blade

    M3-2-4: Enemy Attack Prevention

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-2-3 Raid the Enemy’s Stronghold
    • Treasure: Bronze Armlet
    • Completion Reward(s): Thundara Blade

    M3-2-5: Pursue the Foes

    • Unlock Requirement: Chapter 8
    • Treasure: Phoenix Down, Mind Stone x3
    • Completion Reward(s): Gris-Gris Bag

    M3-2-6: Foes in the Wasteland

    • Unlock Requirement: Chapter 9
    • Treasure: Elixir, Stop Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Crystal Gloves

    M3-3 Clash with Genesis’s Forces

    M3-3-1: Red Alert!

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission Foes in the Wasteland
    • Treasure: Titanium Bangle, X-Potion, Four Slots, ATK UP++ Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Silver Armlet

    M3-3-2: Base in the Caverns

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-3-1 Red Alert!
    • Treasure: Elixir
    • Completion Reward(s): Firaga Blade Materia

    M3-3-3: Surprise Attack on Midgar

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-3-2 Base in the Caverns
    • Treasure: MBarrier Materia, Silver Armlet
    • Completion Reward(s): Osmoga Materia

    M3-3-4: One Base at a Time

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-3-3 Surprise Attack on Midgar
    • Treasure: Gysahl Greens, Hi-Potion, Aegis Armlet
    • Completion Reward(s): Drain Blade

    M3-3-5: Rumble in Midgar

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-3-4 One Base at a Time
    • Treasure: Adamantite
    • Completion Reward(s): Assault Twister+ Materia

    M3-3-6: Regain the Mako Facility

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-3-5 Rumble in Midgar
    • Treasure: Diamond Bracelet, Hell Thundaga Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Blast Wave Materia

    M3-4 Genesis Evolution

    M3-4-1: Regain Shinra’s Materia

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-3-6 Regain the Mako Facility
    • Treasure: Elixir
    • Completion Reward(s): Electrocute Materia

    M3-4-2: Powered-Up Copies

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-4-1 Regain Shinra’s Materia
    • Treasure: Dark Matter, Hyper Wrist
    • Completion Reward(s): Death Jump Materia

    M3-4-3: Reinforced Copies

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-4-2  Powered-Up Copies
    • Treasure: Tri-Fire Materia, Elemental Strike Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Mythril x3

    M3-4-4: Return to Midgar

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-4-3 Reinforced Copies
    • Treasure: X-Potion, Vital Slash Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Flare Materia

    M3-4-5: Destroy the Copy Factory

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-4-4 Return to Midgar
    • Treasure: Dark Matter, Mythril
    • Completion Reward(s): Adamantite x3

    M3-4-6: Strongest Copies Yet

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-4-5 Destroy the Copy Factory
    • Treasure: Elixir, Sea Chocobo Armlet, Lunar Harp, Zeio Nut, Phoenix Down
    • Completion Reward(s): SP Turbo Magic Materia

    M3-5 The Strongest Copies

    M3-5-1: Intercept the Copies

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-4-6 Strongest Copies Yet
    • Treasure: Hammer Punch Materia, Kaiser Knuckles, X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Hero Drink x3

    M3-5-2: Attack the Copies’ Base

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-5-1 Intercept the Copies
    • Treasure: Iron Punch Materia, Platinum Bangle
    • Completion Reward(s): Hero Drink x2

    M3-5-3: Genesis’s Special Ops Unit

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete 3-5-2 Mission Attack the Copies’ Base
    • Treasure: Shinra Beta+, Flare Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Wall MAG +60 Materia

    M3-5-4 Chase the Copies

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-5-3 Genesis’s Special Ops Unit
    • Treasure: Exploder Blade Materia, Dark Matter, Elixir, Mythril
    • Completion Reward(s): Ultima Materia

    M3-5-5: Defeat the Copies

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-5-4 Chase the Copies
    • Treasure: Phoenix Down
    • Completion Reward(s): Fat Chocobo Feather x3

    M3-5-6: The Last of the Genesis Troops

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 3-5-5 Defeat the Copies
    • Treasure: Phoenix Down, Dark Matter, 200000 Gil
    • Completion Reward(s): SP Turbo Attack Materia

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