Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Nibelheim Seven Wonders Guide

    You arrive in Nibelheim at the start of Chapter 8. The Seven Wonders is a series of quests available only during this chapter, so stay on top of things! We’ll offer a helping hand, of course! Start the Crisis Core Seven Wonders quest by talking to a boy to the right of the town entrance, near the water tower. Be sure to report back to him after discovering the truth of each wonder.

    Wonder #1

    The town water has been red lately. Just check the water tower and you’ll find the Phoenix Materia inside. Mystery solved!

    Wonder #2

    Check the painting in the inn, the girl will be gone. Go up and down the stairs, checking the painting each time, until the innkeeper goes up. He explains the mystery and gives you 2000 gil.

    Wonder #3

    Go to Mt. Nibel, down the right path at the crossroads and defeat a trio of bombs (Touchy, Remedy, Gray) before they explode. They drop a gold shard, you can sell it or give it to the boy later. I recommend giving it to him!

    Wonder #4

    There’s a safe in the Shinra Manor, the code changes per playthrough, so I’ll give you the formula to crack the code.

    • Count the books not on the shelf while looking through the keyhole, 2F NE
    • Count the monsters while looking through the keyhole, 1F east
    • Count the blue cans and blue apples in the house
    • Count the chairs while looking through the keyhole, 1F west

    Input these values into the safe to claim your prize and solve the mystery

    Wonder #5

    When you get access to the Underground Caverns (accessible from the Shinra Manor), fight the Sahagin to get a coffin key each time. Go down the ladder. There’s rooms on the left and right sides. You’ll find a coffin with a man inside in the left room, right coffin. All the other coffins have monsters in them. Report your findings.

    Wonder #6

    When the town is on fire, talk to the boy and save his mother. He rewards you with an ATK++ Materia.

    Wonder #7

    If you complete all the previous 6 wonders, there is a Wall Materia waiting for you in the eastern part Nibelheim Outskirts in Chapter 10

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