Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Waterfall Treasure Guide

    In Chapter 9 you wind up in Zack’s hometown Gongaga. After some plot stuff happens, you’ll have to run back outside of the village. This is where the infamous Crisis Core Waterfall Treasure minigame takes place.

    This minigame will net you some good treasures, including the Goblin Punch Materia. You trigger this by fighting some battles in the area and attempting to leave the area. If it doesn’t trigger, just run around and fight some more. That’s not the hard part out of the way yet.

    The Intended Way

    What the game wants you to do is maneuver Zack between the two monsters in order to get the chest. This can be finicky due to the game-feel fighting the animation quality. Moving left or right will usually result in moving too far and touching the monster. Fine-tuned diagonal movements can work better. However, the hitbox for the monsters is large too, so if you screw up you’ll miss a chest (maybe even two or more!). Touching a monster stuns Zack for way too long. You will fail to get all the loot and the achievement if you get touched. ONE. SINGLE. TIME. So, ignore that and do this: “Cheat”.

    My Method

    Why bother fighting to stand between the monsters when the chest comes slightly before the monsters? I would immediately run up to the waterfall center to grab the chest and then run back and to the sides beside the river. If you do this you get the middle chest and stand in a spot where the monsters can’t touch you. Perfect! Stress-free to boot! Just run behind the monsters to get the rest of the chests. Rinse and Repeat each round.

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