Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion How to Defeat a Mover Guide

    Movers are tough little blighters, huh? Especially early-game. These weird little ball clusters can be oddly intimidating. I have some Crisis Core Mover Elimination Methods, just for you!

    Early Game

    Some patience and DMW luck can go a long way. They have a ton of defense and magic defense so it is a tough cookie when you have limited options. There are a few things you can prepare.

    • Equip a lot of ATK or MAG boosting gear/Materia, this will make your attacks actually deal some damage
    • Use Gravity, this will deplete its HP halfway, saving you a lot of time

    Late Game

    You can use the same strategies, but after playing more of the game you should have better Materia and equipment.  Using ATK Up Materia and equipment to boost your damage helps. Try to get to over 90 ATK. This will give you better results in outright combat. Gravity and its variants are still good options though! I also recommend powerful, non-elemental attacks like Darkness, Ultima, and Flare.

    Being able to defeat Movers is important for completing certain missions and the optional content in the final dungeon. Some Movers will flee, so defeating them quickly is a must.

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