Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Laughing Safe Guide

    In Crisis Core, the Laughing Safe is one of the trickiest Nibelheim Wonders to solve. Especially since the code changes per playthrough!


    There is a paper that gives you hints on cracking the code next to the safe. You must check the keyholes of the four locked doors in the Shinra Manor. Each room has a different number of objects you must remember the quantity of. The book also tells you the order of the numbers you plug into the safe.

    Keyhole Locations

    There are four locked doors through which you can look through the keyholes. Each room has something different to count. It’s all part of cracking the code.

    • 2F, Northeast: Count the books on top of the shelf, on the chair, and on the floor
    • 2F, West: Count the apples and cans
    • 1F, East: Count the Dorky Faces. Some will hang out by the edges or fade in/out.
    • 1F, West: Count the chairs

    Cracking the Code

    Use the clue book to know what order to plug your numbers into the safe. Go to the safe and plug in your numbers in the specified order. If it doesn’t work, just take a breath. Check the clue book again and re-check the keyholes to make sure you counted right. I believe in you!

    When you unlock the safe a Cactuar pops out and you receive a Vital Slash Materia. Check back in with the boy who sent you on this quest.

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