Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Magic Pot Guide

    The Magic Pot in Crisis Core is a mysterious monster that loves to give rewards! If you do what it asks first! You must perform the abilities it asks you to, so equip the right gear and give it a show to remember!

    Where to Find Magic Pot

    The Magic Pot appears as a random encounter in specific missions. Run around each area until you run into it. 

    It is found in these missions:

    • M2-2-6
    • M2-5-4
    • M2-5-5
    • M7-6-6
    • M10-2-3

    What to Do?

    Fulfilling the Magic Pot’s requests nets you different rewards. Of course it’s a very needy creature and has very specific things in mind. Be sure to equip the proper Materia so that you can give it a proper show (of skill! obviously!)

    • M2-2-6: Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, and Gravity
    • M2-5-4 / M2-5-5: Ultima, Tri-Fire, Iron Fist, and Electrocute
    • M10-2-3: Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Assault Twister
    • M7-6-6: Gil Toss, Costly Punch, 99,999 damage, and Octaslash

    What’re the Rewards?

    The first time you successfully appease the Magic Pot you get it in the DMW. Subsequent appeasements will net you some different loot! One of the best equipment items in the game can be gotten from it! The Genji Glove!

    • M2-2-6: Precious Watch, Feather Cap, Cursed Ring
    • M2-5-4, 2-5-5, 2-5-6: Jeweled Ring, Assault Targe
    • M7-6-6: Genji Shield, Impervious, Full Cure
    • M10-2-3: Feather Cap, Doc’s Code

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