Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Genji Equipment Guide

    The Genji Equipment is arguably the best equipment set in Crisis Core. Each piece offers tons of benefits, and the entire set is fit for a true hero! It’s an arduous and long journey to get each and every piece. Here’s a breakdown of what each piece does and how to get it!

    Genji Helm

    The Genji Helm grants Zack 0 AP and MP costs and the Libra effect.

    How to Obtain: purchased for 1,000,000 Gil from Net Shop Shade. (find out how to unlock Net Shop Shade here)

    Genji Gloves

    The Genji Gloves grant Zack a 99,999 damage limit and an always critical effect.

    How to Obtain: in a treasure chest in M9-6-4: Biomechanical Threats (use this guide to help unlock these missions)

    Genji Armor

    The Genji Armor grants Zack 99,999 HP Limit and Endure/Regen effects.

    How to Obtain: view 100% of all DMW scenes. Research Dept. QMC + has materia that increases the odds of triggering certain DMW limit verges. (find out how to unlock that shop here)

    Genji Shield

    The Genji Shield grants Zack Barrier and MBarrier effects (unaffected by Dispel) and it absorbs all elemental attacks while preventing all status effects.

    How to Obtain: Genji Shield can be obtained by impressing the Magic Pot in M7-6-6 The Determined Recruiter (after previously getting its DMW). Magic Pot is a random encounter, so you may have to run around the mission a bit for it to trigger.

    Magic Pot requires you to once again use certain moves against it. You must use Gil Toss, Costly Punch, deal 99,999 damage, and use Octaslash. Very tricky.—

    • Use this Guide to help you out with the Magic Pot.
    • Gil Toss
    • Costly Punch
    • 99,999 damage: equip ATK boosting accessories, equip accessories to break your damage limit (Brutal, Genji Glove), and grind/fuse a lot of ATK plus Materia
    • Octaslash: Equip Octaslash Materia to improve your DMW odds (bought from Research Dep. QMC +)

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