Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Final Dungeon Guide

    The final dungeon of Crisis Core is interesting because it’s actually really straightforward if all you want to do is truck on to the final boss. However, there’s a huge optional chunk that you can do! There’s an optional boss fight, some treasure, and some lore sprinkled in there for ya.

    Finding Goddess Materia

    There are 7 Goddess Materia that you need to unlock the gate to the final boss. Four are located in chests in the main area, Depths of Judgement. Three are in chests at the Lake of Oblivion. Look carefully, these areas are small, but the coral at the lake will make it harder to spot chests.

    After locating all 7 of them go to — and place them in the slots on the pedestal. The final boss is beyond this point, however, there’s some optional content you can do here.

    Lake of Oblivion

    There are some monsters you can defeat here, but in order to make them come out you must read all of the LOVELESS text stones in the dungeon.

    There are four stones to read: one at the Lake of Oblivion, two at the Depths of Judgement, and one at Howling Fang.

    After this, examine each Mako stalactite for a monster to drop out. Defeat each one to unlock a pathway to the Cage of Binding. You need to go through this section to get the Iron Bars key to fight the Behemoth King in Howling Fang. 

    Cage of Binding

    This area has a lot of locked doors you need keys for. You must defeat certain monsters as they drop specific keys. There are also a ton of chest and secret passages here.

    Monsters and Keys:

    as a side note: Movers are rare. The other monsters pop up in specific spots, but movers have a rare chance to appear. Just be patient and keep triggering encounters, you’ll find them eventually.

    • Nightmare: Goddess Base Key (defeat one group), Goddess Sacral Key (defeat a second group)
    • Mover: Goddess Solar Key (defeat one), Goddess Heart Key (defeat another one)
    • Death Machine: Goddess Throat Key
    • Evil Eye: Laboratory Key
    • Grosspanzer: Goddess Crown Key
    • Behemoth King: Goddess Wing Key

    Use this map for chests, shortcuts, and gates.

    Howling Fang

    You had to come here previously to read the LOVELESS stone. You definitely noticed that Behemoth King, right? There are four rooms here with treasure and a save point, and now you can use the shortcut from the Binding Cage to get here.

    Use your Iron Bars Key and get ready for a fight. The Behemoth King hits hard and casts Regen. Keep your damage up, heal when needed, and hope for some good DMW luck. The chest here contains a Flare Materia. The door leads to the elevator near The Portal of Severance.

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