Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion PS4/PS4 Pro Performance Guide

    Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion runs and looks amazingly on current-gen consoles and suitable PCs. How does it hold on PS4 and its stronger counterpart the PS4 Pro? Well, I’m here to offer what insight I can, in order to inform you! Let’s take a peek at Crisis Core’s performance on PS4!

    I don’t have a capture card or know-how to test on non-PC platforms currently. I had to play this by eye and intuition mostly. 

    Crisis Core PS4 FPS Performance

    On both PS4 and PS4 Pro the game targets 30 fps. It usually holds from my experience. There are times these consoles do not hold that target. From what I understand this seems to be more of a loading issue or some other form of stuttering (possibly frame time or some other poor optimization).

    As far as resolution goes it’s 4k for Pro and 1080p for base PS4. That’s about it.

    I do wish the PS4 Pro had a Performance Mode. Maybe 1080p 60 fps could have been possible. Stranger of Paradise has one (despite not looking as nice). Kingdom Hearts III had a decent 1080p mode on Pro where it stayed above 50 fps usually. I missed the 60 fps I had on my PC. It feels super good in this game!


    Generally speaking, the loading isn’t that bad. It’s about 6-10 seconds to load in and out of missions. The same is true for loading into the next story chapter. Booting isn’t nearly as “quick”. This isn’t bad at all for PS4 systems, but in a world with the PS5, it can make you jealous of that near-instant loading. I feel that some of the framerate drops are caused by loading. I believe this because the PS4 definitely sounds stressed by the DMW scene loading. The game tries its best to load and render whatever DMW limit verges you get. You don’t have to wait long or anything, but this is what seems to make the frames drop. Also the results menus after the battle stutter a little sometimes, also presumably because of the loading and processing load.


    I’d say the loading stutters are my main issue. FF7R doesn’t exhibit this same problem per se, but it has similar loading issues. The gameplay in FF7R is smoother in some ways, but texture pop-in delayed summons and NPC dialogue, and squeeze-throughs in the environments show it clearly has loading issues on PS4. Crisis Core’s faster pace and difference in scale make sense on why it handles things differently and thus has slightly different performance quirks.

    Problem 2: that PS4 Pro fan is LOUD. I cleaned my PS4 Pro out but it gets loud. When I first start playing it’s not that loud, just some humming. After a mission or some story progression, however… Yeah, it gets loud! I can only assume this is a similar issue on PS4 as well. These two issues are the big ones when it comes to playing Crisis Core on PS4.


    This is still a decent way to play Crisis Core Reunion. The game is mostly stable with an odd stutter here or there. Luckily, this happens when there’s a lull in the action anyway, such as using DMW skills or when a battle ends. Longer loading than a PS5 or well-equipped PC makes sense and you should be used to that by this point! I can’t really complain about the PS4 version of the game! I do wish the PS4 Pro offered a Performance mode though. I’d say Crisis Core’s PS4 performance is just fine!

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