Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Missables Guide

    There’s a ton of content in Crisis Core, meaning there’s also a ton of Missables in Crisis Core. Using your map often, doing every mission when possible, talking to every NPC, and constantly checking your tips EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER may not be your thing. If you aren’t that meticulous then this guide is for you! Each section covers a few handy things that you can try to get if you want.


    Check the detailed mission guides to know what to do, but here’s a list of things you can miss if you progress through chapters too quickly.

    • M1-2-1: Challenge from Security (and subsequent missions)
    • M2-1-1: Beginnings
    • M2-1-2: Approaching the Outskirts
    • M2-1-3: Sightings in Sector 5
    • M2-1-4: Defend the Slums
    • M2-1-5: Highway Closed
    • M2-1-6: Truth in the Wasteland
    • M4-3-1: Defeat the Scout Units
    • M4-3-2: Obliterate Advance Elements
    • M4-3-3: Foes in the Wutai Base
    • M4-3-4: Mobile Units
    • M4-3-5: The Enemy’s Stronghold
    • M4-3-6: Stop the Assailants
    • M6-2-1: Slum Development Plan 1 (and subsequent missions)
    • M7-1-1: Freight Recall (and subsequent missions)
    • M8-2-1: SPR Mako Stone (and subsequent missions)


    These shops can be quite useful, missing them would suck.

    • Research Dept. QMC + – Chapter 9, treasure in Gongaga
    • The Happy Turtle – Treasure in Mission 4-3-6 Stop the Assailants
    • Sector 5 Materia Shop – Complete Mission 6-2-1 Slum Development Plan I
    • Sector 6 Accessory Shop – Complete Mission 6-2-3 Mako Excavation Site


    Luckily, most of the Materia isn’t missable! Even these are fairly easy to grab as long as you remember. No arduous mission completing here!

    • Phoenix Summon Materia – Nibelheim Seven Wonders #1
    • Limit Materia – These increase the odds of triggering certain DMW limits. They are bought from Research Dept. QMC +, a missable shop.


    • Genji Armor – To get access to this you must view every DMW scene, getting 100% on every character/summon. You can miss this by missing out on the Phoenix Materia.

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