Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Mail Quests Guide

    A great way to get a laugh or some lore info is by reading mail. There’s quite a few mail quests in Crisis Core Reunion. Pay attention to your map every Chapter so that you can complete them. If that sounds too tedious then use this guide to help do a few!

    Mail not covered here is unlocked by completing missions and progressing the story.

    Fan Club Shenanigans

    As soon as you can explore Midgar a bit starting in Chapter 2, you can speak to some ladies in Sector 8 to join a Genesis and an Angeal fan club. There’s a second Genesis fan club to join by talking to a lady in Loveless Ave., in one of the alleys. These net you newsletters.

    In Chapter 7 there’s a Sephiroth fan club to join. Go to the  Sector 6 park and speak with a woman there. She quizzes you on Sephiroth. The answers are:

    • Masamune
    • Super Nova
    • Left Handed


    In Chapter 6 you help protect Junon from a Genesis attack. After Tseng makes a safe spot for civilians, you continue through the gate. Open your map to see an orange subquest marker. Get on the little platform elevator to go up to Upper Junon. Here you’ll talk with Cissnei and get her contact info. There’s some treasure to boot. This also lets you get Zack Fan Club mail when you talk to the Shinra Building Entrance receptionist next Chapter.

    Fan Club Drama

    In Chapter 7 you can help a few of the fan clubs.

     Talk to the Red Leather lady running around Sector 8. Tell her she should merge the clubs. Petition aide from the Study Group woman in Loveless Ave.

    A boy in Sector 8’s mom is leaving  due to Keepers of Honor shutting down. Go to the Sector 1 train station to stop her. Tell her she’d be a monster. Speak with her and her son, reunited, back in Sector 8.

    Secret Reporter

    In Chapter 7 there’s a reporter in Sector 8 that’s being searched for by Shinra. Your map will have an orange subquest marker. Talk to him and let him go. You will receive a new newsletter.

    Seven Wonders

    Completing the Seven Wonders will give you an extra mail and let you finish the questline in Chapter 9.

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