Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Flower Wagon Guide

    Here’s the Crisis Core Flower Wagon Guide! During Chapter 7 Zack helps Aerith build a flower wagon to help her sell flowers. There are 3 wagons that you can make for her. Getting the different pieces can involve some basic exploration during the chapter, completing missions, and playing a minigame. There’s also things do do BEFORE Chapter 7.

    You can only make one wagon per playthrough, and if you get the parts for the first wagon, you are forced to make it. So, skip out on parts and talk to Aerith early if you want to make a different wagon. She has a different reaction to each!

    1st Flower Wagon

    You get these parts by just exploring around this Chapter. We’ll tell you where they are!

    • Used Tools – On the ground outside of the church, orange object
    • Worn Tires – Speak with the man standing next to the truck on Loveless Ave.
    • Old Lumber – Speak to the man near the accessory shop in Sector 5, pick the name ‘7th Heaven’
    • How to Build a Wagon – On the ground outside of the church, must have three other items first.


    2nd Flower Wagon!

    These wagon parts involve completing missions. It’s entirely possible that you have most of these if you’ve been keeping up with missions. However, it’s entirely possible to miss these as well. Explore Chapter 5 well before doing the Main Objective.

    • Walnut Wood  – Catch all 6 Wutai Spies (they are disguised talk to every NPC, or refer to Missions 4-2 To End the War with Wutai – The Crescent Unit here)
    • Premium Tires – Finish Mission 7-1-6 Second Deputy Assignment then speak with Soldier 3rd in Briefing Room
    • Mythril Tool  – Finish Mission 2-1-6 Truth in the Wasteland
    • Craftsman Monthly – Beat Mission 1-2-6 Last Challenge then speak with Captain in Loveless Ave.

    3rd Flower Wagon?

    In order to get these wagon parts you must go to the Training Room on the SOLDIER Floor in the Shinra Building. Talk to the researcher in order to perform in a fitness test. This will require you to compete in squat competitions against other people. You must time your button presses as Zack squats, and he increases his pace as you go. As a warning the one bonus squat Zack does during this scene doesn’t require a button press, so don’t screw up your timing.

    • Shinra Lunch Cart Specs – Beat Infantryman with 21 or more squats
    • Shinra Ceramic – Beat Captain with 29 or more squats
    • Shinra Treads – Beat SOLDIER 3rd with 41 or more squats
    • Shinra Solder – Beat SOLDIER 2nd with 52 or more squats

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