Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion M4: To End the War With Wutai Missions Guide

    Crisis Core has a lotta Missions. This Crisis Core M4 Missions Guide covers the 30 To End the War With Wutai. Each Mission has its rewards and unlock requirements detailed. Each mission involves defeating certain enemies, so go into each mission prepared with your best Materia and a good supply of items. The M4 missions in Crisis Core contains several missable quest! Missables Guide is linked below!

    M4-1 Pursue the Remnants

    M4-1-1: Wutai Units Found

    • Unlock Requirement: Chapter 2
    • Treasure: X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Elixir

    M4-1-2: Anti-SOLDIER Monsters

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-1-1 Wutai Units Found
    • Treasure: X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Bulletproof Vest

    M4-1-3: Pursue the Deserters

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-1-2 Anti-SOLDIER Monsters
    • Treasure: X-Potion, Ether, Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Libra Materia

    M4-1-4: Wutai Remnants in the Slums

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-1-3 Pursue the Deserters
    • Treasure: Thunder
    • Completion Reward(s): Muscle Belt

    M4-1-5: Stop the Intruders

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission Wutai 4-1-4 Remnants in the Slums
    • Treasure: Barrier Materia, Potion, Elixir
    • Completion Reward(s): Mute Shock

    M4-1-6 Search for Wutai Remnants

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-1-5 Stop the Intruders
    • Treasure: Potion, Hi-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Poison Blade Materia

    M4-2 Behind the Scenes

    M4-2-1: Foes in the Corel Mines

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-1-6 Search for Wutai Remnants
    • Treasure: Titanium Bangle, Muscle Belt
    • Completion Reward(s): Lightning Armlet

    M4-2-2: Remnants in the Slums

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-2-1 Foes in the Corel Mines
    • Treasure: AP UP+ Materia, X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Gold Armlet

    M4-2-3: Foes inside Shinra Building

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-2-2 Remnants in the Slums
    • Treasure: Mind Stone x2, Power Stone x2, Guard Stone x3
    • Completion Reward(s): Blaze Armlet

    M4-2-4: March into Wutai

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-2-3 Foes inside Shinra Building
    • Treasure: Muscle Belt, Hi-Potion, SPR Up+ Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): AP Up++ Materia

    M4-2-5: Stubborn Remnants

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-2-4 March into Wutai
    • Treasure: Elixir, Gravity Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Sprint Shoes

    M4-2-6: The Five Saints of Wutai

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-2-5 Stubborn Remnants
    • Treasure: 5000 Gil, Drain Blade
    • Completion Reward(s): Wutai Secret Shop 

    M4-3 The Crescent Unit

    To trigger these unlock events, talk to the SOLDIER 2nd Class operative on Loveless Ave. at the start of Chapter 5. Talk to the suspicious NPCs several times to make them crack. They must be done in order, the SOLDIER 2nd Class gives you hints. I’ve you’ve been talking to NPCs thus far this will be fairly easy.

    M4-3-1: Defeat the Scout Units

    • Unlock Requirement: 1st Wutai spy (Man by the alley in the northeast area of Loveless Avenue)
    • Treasure: X-Potion, Champion Belt
    • Completion Reward(s): Poison Twister Materia

    M4-3-1: Obliterate Advance Elements

    • Unlock Requirement: 2nd Wutai spy (Infantryman in Sector 5 Slums Market)
    • Treasure: Feather Cap, Remedy
    • Completion Reward(s): System Shock

    M4-3-2: Foes in the Wutai Base

    • Unlock Requirement: 3rd Wutai spy (Employee on the 2nd floor Entrance of the Shinra Building)
    • Treasure: Elixir, Ether, Thunder Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Power Wrist

    M4-3-4: Mobile Units

    • Unlock Requirement: 4th Wutai spy (Woman near Sector 1 Train Station in Sector 8)
    • Treasure: None
    • Completion Reward(s): Diamond Bracelet

    M4-3-5: The Enemy’s Stronghold

    • Unlock Requirement: 5th Wutai spy (Man standing in front of Rocket display in the Exhibit Room of the Shinra Building)
    • Treasure: Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Phoenix Down
    • Completion Reward(s): Death Materia

    M4-3-6: Stop the Assailants

    • Unlock Requirement: 6th Wutai spy (Boy in Sector 6 Park)
    • Treasure: X-Potion, Elixir, The Happy Turtle shop 
    • Completion Reward(s): Mountain Chocobo Armlet

    M4-4 The Remnants Strike Again

    M4-4-1: A New Threat

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-3-6 Stop the Assailants
    • Treasure: Gold Rolling Pin, River Chocobo Armlet, Gold Rolling Pin
    • Completion Reward(s): Hero Drink x2

    M4-4-2: Death Wish for Zack

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-4-1 A New Threat
    • Treasure: Hell Blizzaga Materia, Blizzaga Blade Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Darkness Materia

    M4-4-3: Infiltration

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-4-2 Death Wish for Zack
    • Treasure: Bolt Armlet, Gold Rolling Pin, Sector 7 – Shop , Dark Matter x3, Stop Blade Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Adamantite x5

    M4-4-4: Wutai in the Slums

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-4-3 Infiltration
    • Treasure: Flame Armlet, Elixir, Tri-Thundaga Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Gil Toss Materia

    M4-4-5: Anti-Shinra Base

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-4-4 Wutai in the Slums
    • Treasure: Death Blade Materia, Diamond Bracelet, X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Hero Drink x3

    M4-4-6: Anti-SOLDIER Weapons

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-4-5 Anti-Shinra Base
    • Treasure: Gold Rolling Pin, SPR Up++ Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Moon Bracer

    M4-5 Annihilate the Crescent Unit

    M4-5-1: Neutralize the Commander

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-4-6 Anti-SOLDIER Weapons
    • Treasure: Wall Materia, Blaze Armlet
    • Completion Reward(s): Tri-Thundaga

    M4-5-2: Last of the Wutai

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-5-1 Neutralize the Commander
    • Treasure: AP Up++ Materia, Regen Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Platinum Bangle

    M4-5-3: Crush the Crescent Unit

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-5-2 Last of the Wutai
    • Treasure: Diamond Gloves, Adamantite, X-Potion
    • Completion Reward(s): Dispel Blade Materia

    M4-5-4: Crescent Unit Annihilation

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-5-3  Crush the Crescent Unit
    • Treasure: Elixir, Stop Twister Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Goblin Punch Materia

    M4-5-5: Before they Regroup

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-5-4 Crescent Unit Annihilation
    • Treasure: Hi-Potion, Electrocute Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Royal Crown

    M4-5-6: Wutai Suppression

    • Unlock Requirement: Complete Mission 4-5-5 Before they Regroup
    • Treasure: Gold Rolling Pin, Stop Twister Materia
    • Completion Reward(s): Magical Punch Materia

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