Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link

    Kingdom Hearts IV story focuses on Sora’s disappearance, includes Disney worlds

    Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura was recently interviewed at Gameinformer, sharing more insight into Kingdom Hearts IV and the future of the franchise. According...

    Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link scenario is written by Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward writer Ruiko Fukazawa

    In the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary edition of Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura shared a few details regarding Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link and Dark Road. The...

    The narrator of the Kingdom Hearts IV announcement trailer has been revealed

    For days now, fans have been wondering who the narrator of the Kingdom Hearts IV announcement trailer actually is. Previously, Nomura hinted that the...

    Kingdom Hearts IV & Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link teaser websites are live

    Square Enix launched teaser websites for Kingdom Hearts IV and Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link! The teaser websites are live in Japanese and only feature the...

    Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link announced for iOS and Android

    *Update* More details about Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link were shared during a Q&A session at the KH 20th Anniversary event. Read up on more details...

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