Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Closed Beta Test Sign-Ups Now Open

    Square Enix has revealed that Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series, is now accepting Closed Beta Test applicants. The signup period will last until December 26, 23:59 GMT. The playtest will occur on January 13 and end on January 18.

    Missing-Link is a mobile game, with the test only being conducted on iOS. Your device will need to be on iOS 11.0 or later in order to qualify, as well as an iPhone 8 Plus or later. Only those in Japan may apply for the test, with an additional requirement of applicants being 18 years or old. You must apply through the Square Enix Members site under the Square Enix app. You can apply for the beta test here.

    Additionally, brand new key art has been revealed for the game. This can be seen below and was shared on the official website.

    kingdom hearts missing-link

    If you are accepted into the beta, you are not allowed to share any footage at all. Written impressions are allowed, however, no screenshots, videos, or anything of that nature are permitted.

    This is likely the news that was teased a few weeks back. While a specific release date is still unknown, the timing of this test makes a 2023 release almost assured. A Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link beta could come to the West potentially, but only time will tell if that indeed ends up happening.

    Stay tuned to Final Weapon for all the latest on Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, including when the game will make its way to the West!

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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