When Will Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Release?

    Update – December 18, 2022: Sign-ups for the beta are available now. Those living in Japan with an iOS device are eligble.


    Update – December 8, 2022: Square Enix has released new information regarding Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. More information is coming soon, and unfortunately, it seems like the closed beta will only release in Japan for the time being.


    Kingdom Fans were treated with Missing-Link’s reveal back on April 10th at the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event. In the trailer, it was revealed that Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will release later this year, or at the least, the beta for the title would. We are currently in November now and still have not received news surrounding the title from Square Enix, which has many fans curious about when the game will release.

    When Will Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Release?

    With only two months left in 2022, time is quickly running out for Square Enix to announce anything. This means that realistically, we will probably be seeing the announcement come this month, November. With a November reveal, the game’s beta test could come later this year for players. The beta for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will most likely release within the next month.

    As for when the full game will release, sometime in 2023 seems to be a safe bet. With the beta releasing sometime within the next two months, that would give Square enough time to tune the game to player feedback. Missing-Link looks to bring inspiration from Kingdom Hearts III’s combat and transfer that to mobile. The game is only set to release on iOS and Android currently.

    Kingdom Hearts IV was also revealed at the 20th Anniversary event, alongside the final chapter of Dark Road. With KH4, like Missing-Link we still have not received any news besides the initial trailer. Hopefully, more news will be coming in 2023 for this highly anticipated title, potentially at an event like E3 2023. The series just recently crossed 36 million copies sold worldwide, and that number will only continue to rise as these new games are released.

    Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will release on both iOS and Android when its beta drops later this year barring no delays. Stay tuned for more information regarding this title in the coming months.

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