The narrator of the Kingdom Hearts IV announcement trailer has been revealed

    For days now, fans have been wondering who the narrator of the Kingdom Hearts IV announcement trailer actually is. Previously, Nomura hinted that the character narrating the trailer was someone fans knew of but haven’t heard their voice yet. Tetsuya Nomura left a secret message for the KH 20th Anniversary event and the connection between the two is now clear! Thanks to @kh_skrvat, various Japanese fans and the team, we now know who the narrator is.

    [Spoilers ahead]

    The KH 20th Anniversary secret message from Tetsuya Nomura revealed the following:

    “The voice’s identity is Sigurd. Pay close attention.”

    The narrator of the Kingdom Hearts IV announcement trailer is Sigurd, a character introduced during the epilogue of Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. Sigurd meets Brain in Scala ad Caelum, the world Ephemer helped build over the remnants of Daybreak Town. With this revelation, Sigurd likely plays a key role in the story going forward in Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link and the Lost Master Arc beginning with KH IV.

    More details about Kingdom Hearts IV are coming after Summer 2022. Past Kingdom Hearts games such as KH III received new information at events such as Disney D23 and the annual Jump Festa. Before then, the Dark Road finale arrives in August followed by the Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link beta in the fall. Although fans have to wait for more KH IV news, there’s plenty of exciting things happening soon in the KH franchise

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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