Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link announced for iOS and Android

    *Update* More details about Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link were shared during a Q&A session at the KH 20th Anniversary event. Read up on more details below, courtesy of

    • Smartphone game, to be released for Android and iOS

    • Promises to have action elements to be as faithful as possible to the main series

    • Max of 6 players can play together.

    • Screen orientation can be switched between portrait or landscape.

    • The story, chronologically speaking, is between Union Cross finale and before Dark Road’s start.

    • All of the mysteries we’ve had so far will be explained.

    • Keywords: Scala Ad Caelum, Founding Father Ephemer, Keyblade Wielders of a Secret Society

    • Closed Beta Test is scheduled for Fall of this year (Details on how to enter are still unknown, however)

    • Two systems: A story mode where you progress through quests, and a mode where you walk around (Comparable to Pokémon Go, but with ways to play it even without having to walk around in real life)

    • In this walking mode, you’ll collect pieces and strengthen your Keyblades.

    Kingdom Hearts IV was also revealed and the full announcement is available here.

    Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link

    *Original* During the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event, we got a peek at what’s in store next for the series’ mobile endeavors. And it’s a full 3D action RPG named Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link! Players will run around a sprawling city until encountering enemies, where it switches over to Kingdom Hearts’ tried and true combat. The full game is currently slated to release on iOS and Android, and a closed beta test will begin in some regions this year. You can find the full trailer in the 20th Anniversary recap, at 1:52!

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