Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Details Raid Battles

    Today, the official Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Twitter account has revealed more information regarding Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. Raid battles have been detailed, which is a feature of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. It appears that these battles take place in real-world locations, similar to Pokémon Go! A translation of this new information is available below, from the team at KH13:

    In Raid Battles, multiple players can challenge the same enemy simultaneously! Take advantage of the teleportation feature and participate in taking down these formidable foes! You can also call in reinforcements via the Matching feature.

    Today’s Content:

    • Unlock the Raid Battle mechanic by clearing the required quests!
    • Participate as a “Reinforcement” by matching up with other players!

    The Missing-Link raid battles seem quite fun, and we cannot wait to hear more soon! In the past week, brand new screenshots and details surrounding gameplay have been shared. Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is currently only available in Japan through an exclusive ‘Prototype Test’. The game is scheduled to release in the West, though an exact date has yet to be given. We’d expect that with the test wrapping up soon, a release date sometime within the next 3-6 months seems likely.

    Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will launch exclusively on iOS and Android.

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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