Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Releases New Screenshots and Gameplay Information

    New information for the next Kingdom Hearts mobile game.

    Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link has revealed new screenshots and information regarding gameplay on Twitter. Currently, the Prototype Test has opened up for players to test out the game. Unfortunately, this is only in Japan, however, we still have got some new information to look over!

    The Prototype Test will run until January 18, when it will close down. We expect that Missing-Link will probably release sometime this Spring or early Summer. The new Missing-Link screenshots show off some of the control methods you can utilize in the game. Check out the new tweets from the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Twitter account below.

    A translation of the tweet can be found below, thanks to the talented team at KH13:

    In Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, there are two ways to control your player: GPS Mode and Pad Mode.

    In GPS mode, your character moves as you walk around and change your GPS position. You can obtain AP from battles and you can also enable “Hands-Free Mode”, where battles are automatic.

    In Pad mode, your character moves by using a pad on your screen. In this mode, AP is required for battles and obtaining treasure chests.

    Missing-Link currently does not have a release date set, however, a release for the West is planned. More information could be released at the Second Breath- concert series next month. Be sure to stay tuned for all the latest on Missing-Link and even Kingdom Hearts IV as more information releases!

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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