Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link News Coming Next Week

    Another look into a lost Keyblade Master's era.

    Square Enix confirms that more news about Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is finally coming next week. Series director Tetsuya Nomura shared a brief update with fans about the new Kingdom Hearts mobile game, which takes place between the events of Kingdom Hearts Union X and Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

    In January 2023, Square Enix revealed that Kingdom Hearts Missing Link will have location-based raid battles. This was the last update about the game’s development before the game’s official Twitter account was updated on October 25. A new render was shown, and even more news is coming soon. 

    Kingdom Hearts Missing Link News

    Once more, the official Twitter account for Kingdom Hearts Missing Link revealed another new teaser image with the hashtag #KHML. The image is accompanied by a message from Tetsuya Nomura, who confirms that more news is coming next week. An exact day wasn’t confirmed, but Nomura hopes fans are patient and looking forward to the news. Moreover, Nomura corrects himself about a comment he made about the game’s development. According to Nomura, development of Kingdom Hearts Missing Link was at 30% during the previous playtest. Originally, Nomura said development was at 50% at the time. 

    Update: The English Kingdom Hearts Union X Twitter account has been rebranded for Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

    Kingdom Hearts Missing Link was revealed alongside the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts IV during the 20th anniversary event in April 2022. Kingdom Hearts IV marks the beginning of the Lost Master arc, which is the “second phase” of the Kingdom Hearts series. Sora will explore the mysterious city of Quadratum, which is located in a separate universe regarded as “fiction” to the traditional Kingdom Hearts universe. 

    A closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts Missing Link was held in Japan from January 13 to January 18. Sign-ups for the beta were live the month prior in December 2022. The beta was exclusive to roughly 1000 Japanese players on iOS. A beta is planned for the west, however. 

    Lastly, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is coming soon to Android and iOS worldwide. Kingdom Hearts IV is currently in development for unannounced platforms. 

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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