Star Ocean The Second Story R Guides: The Final Weapon Compendium

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    Star Ocean: The Second Story R is the highly anticipated remake of Star Ocean 2. The game is highly regarded by many as one of the greatest Star Ocean titles ever to be released, and it now returns with a beautiful HD2.5D package. 

    We’ve compiled all our guides for the game below for your ease of access! Check them out and let us know what you think of Star Ocean: The Second Story R on X (Twitter)!

    Star Ocean The Second Story R – Review

    Our Star Ocean The Second Story R review is now live, where we gave the game a 4.5 / 5!

    Star Ocean: The Second Story R is a masterfully done remake. The goal envisioned by the creators was to bring a classic game up to modern sensibilities, and they have truly outdone themselves. Star Ocean: The Second Story R takes the masterfully crafted systems of the original game, combines them with the updates from Star Ocean: Second Evolution, and wraps them up in a gorgeous and smooth package. Any qualms that can be found lie within things like the story and characters, which remain true to the original game. However, the ease of play, deep RPG elements, strong story theming, and revamped battle system more than make up for any issues I have. Please, I implore you to check out this absolutely astounding game.”

    Getting Started

    Star Ocean The Second Story R – Character Recruitment Guides

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