Star Ocean: The Second Story R – How to Recruit Celine

    Celine joined the party! (fanfare)

    Star Ocean: The Second Story R is a vast and rich RPG experience. Witness an epic story as you explore an expansive uncharted world. Claude and Rena will meet many new faces along the way. Some of these unique and interesting characters can join you on your adventure. Don’t miss out on anybody that you find interesting! In Star Ocean: The Second Story R, one of the unique characters you can recruit is the symbologist Celine.

    Character Recruitment Basics

    Star Ocean The Second Story R

    There are a few basics of character recruitment to keep in mind on your adventure.

    1. You can only have a maximum party size of 8 total characters
    2. Most characters are recruited from Sub Events and Private Actions. Be sure to refer to your map often in order to stay as up-to-date as possible.
    3. There are a couple of characters that are only available to one of the two protagonists. So choose wisely in order to get who you really want!
    4. Some characters require you to decline another character’s offer to join you in order to get.

    As long as you remember these basics, it’ll be a cinch to get what characters you want. However, sometimes there are extra requirements that you must complete in order to complete the recruitment process.

    How to Recruit Celine – Star Ocean: The Second Story R

    Celine is your first guest party member who will join you after your visit with the King of Krosse early in the game. You will encounter her in the Krosse Town Square. You will then get to go explore the Krosse Caves with her. After this journey, you have the option to permanently recruit her or reject her. She does have involvement in one of the next plot beats, so it may hit a little harder if you take her with you. Keep that in mind.

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