Star Ocean The Second Story R – How to Pickpocket

    Are you fine with breaking the law? And maybe the game balance?

    Star Ocean The Second Story R is an incredibly deep RPG with tons of deep, interactive mechanics. Many can be ignored, but that doesn’t mean that you should. There are many amazing skills with all sorts of different applications. One of the most interesting skills in Star Ocean The Second Story R is the Pickpocket Skill. Using it allows the player to steal from any NPC and nab some great stuff.

    Why Would You Want to Pickpocket?

    Pickpocketing isn’t needed at all to beat the game. However, by using it you can get some amazing items and gear. You can steal from every NPC in the game, including your own party members (during Private Actions)! Pay close attention while checking out NPCs as many items can be missed! Many great items at that. I managed to get weapons and armor that doubled their respective stats, early.

    Ramifications of Pickpocketing

    You can only pickpocket someone 3 times. Saving and Reloading can help, but there’s also an item you can use to reset your amount of tries (Relax Perfume). Stealing a certain amount of times will also drop your relationship points with your party. It’s not that big of an issue as you can later create items that bump their relationship points back up.

    How to Get the Pickpocketing Skill

    You will need to level up certain skills in order to Pickpocket. The easiest way to check is to open your Improve menu and press “Square” or “Y”, which allows you to level all the skills associated with a certain Specialty. Do this with Pickpocketing. The higher the level of the skill the higher your odds to steal are. Refer to our Level Grinding Guide for more info on how to get loads of skill points with the Training Specialty!

    Thief’s Glove

    Even if you have the necessary skill leveled up sufficiently to successfully steal, you can’t do a thing without the item “Thief’s Glove”. There are a handful of stores where you can purchase it, but the earliest Location is Kurick. However, it costs a whopping 40,000 fol. That’s very hard to come by early in the game. The easiest way to gain a lot of money is by completing the Missions. Many easy-to-do missions early game net you lots of money. So just refer to your Missions list and complete the ones that you can.

    How to Use

    This is the easiest step. Once you’ve completed everything else you just have to turn on the skill and press “L1” or “L” to pickpocket any NPC in the game! Be sure to purchase Relax Perfumes when you see them or save and load your saves. Good luck!

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