Star Ocean The Second Story R – All Unique Spots Locations

    Take in the beautiful sights of an unexplored world!

    Star Ocean The Second Story R is a gorgeous remake featuring the newest refinements in Square Enix’s HD2D art style. What’s a better way to flex the art than to have Unique Spots? These special locations act as landmarks and tour spots for this absolutely stunning game. Discovering these locations even nets you some items and EXP, so find as many as you can!

    Unique Spots


    1. Rustic Waterwheel: Arlia
    2. Quietly Gleaming Minerals: Salva Mines
    3. Dawn-Lit Cascades: Waterfall near Lake Cole (overworld between Arlia and Salva? Or near Krosse?)
    4. A Strange Laboratory: Mountain Labyrinth, east deep into the dungeon past ‘Depths 2’
    5. Portrait of Prince Clauzer: Castle Krosse Stairs
    6. The Monarch’s Roost: Lasgus Mountain Peak
    7. Jade Green Columns: Secret room in Krosse Caverns, discovered by going with Celine when you meet her
    8. Old Lighthouse: Lighthouse in East Kurik
    9. Monument of Truth: Marze
    10. The Emperor of Fish: Harley
    11. Hilton’s Open-Air Market: Hilton, near entrance with all the shops
    12. Statue of the 3 Warriors: Laceur by the entrance
    13. Lacuer Academy: Lingua, north in front of the academy
    14. Gift from the Sky: Across the bridge, north of Lingua
    15. A Grand Burial Ground: Sacred Grounds of Linga, northern area with large monster bones
    16. The Glint of Hidden Power: Hilton ruins, 2F east
    17. The Lacuer Hope: Lacuer Front Line Base, 2F of command post near the end of the area
    18. The Claw Marks of Calamity: East part of Ell on the coast, traverse through a forested area. Near the destroyed port town of Tenue
    19. ???
    20. Sunlight in the Snow: Field of Might, Nede. Pick the left route from the start and proceed after defeating the monsters in the first trial room. Proceed right and the spot is in the North of this area
    21. Pyramid amidst the Sands: Postgame. Revisit Expel and use the Psynard to go to an island with a pyramid west of Arlia
    22. Ruins in the Desert: Desert area past the Lasgus Mountains (West Krosse continent)
    23. ???
    24. Otherworldy Garden: Where you first wake up on Nede. Just go back after the cutscenes.
    25. A Relaxing Aquarium: Inside of L’Aqua, Nede. Accessible after getting a Psynard and reporting back to Nall.
    26. The City of Weaponsmiths: Near the entrance to Armlock, Nede
    27. Nedepedia: North City in Nede, inside the northwestermost building
    28. Crimson Prisms: Lower level by the entrance of Red Crystal Cave, Nede
    29. The Big White Neighbor: Near the entrance of Princebrige, Nede
    30. Nede, after your first visit to Fynal. Proceed in the story until you get to the Abandoned Symological Weapon Facility. Northernmost part of the area next to a chest
    31. An Out-of-Place Artifact: Nede, after acquiring a Psynard you can fly to a small island west to the center of Nede. Shaped like a pentagon
    32. ???
    33. Faded City of the Future: Nede, Centropolis plaza
    34. The Energy Field: Just outside of Centropolis in Nede. Slightly southwest
    35. ???
    36. ???

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