Persona 3 Remake Domain Updated, Possible Announcement Coming Soon

    An announcement seems imminent.

    The Persona 3 Remake domain “” received a major update nearly three months after it was initially discovered this past March. The latest domain update may imply that an potential announcement by ATLUS is coming soon. was moved from Onamae to Amazon nameservers on June 7 in a similar manner to the recent Persona 5 domain “P5T”. The Persona 3 Remake domain update may suggest that ATLUS is preparing to launch an official website alongside the game’s announcement. Moreover, previous ATLUS titles would receive an official reveal just days or weeks following a domain update according to Persona Central. These games include Persona 5 Royal, Persona 5 Strikers, and Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight & Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, which all received reveals shortly after their respective domains were moved to Amazon nameservers.

    Persona 3 Remake Domain Update

    Persona 3 Remake domain update

    The recent domain updates suggest ATLUS will make two announcements soon. Specifically, these announcements are expected to arrive before Anime Expo 2023. Anime Expo 2023’s official schedule was updated with information regarding morning and evening panels hosted by ATLUS West. This schedule update implies that an announcement will be made before July 3 with ATLUS West states “the cat will be out of the bag” by then. 

    The Persona 3 Remake domain was found on March 15 right after the SEGA leak involving the new remake and Jet Set Radio. Lastly, sources familiar with the matter believe Persona 3 Remake and Jet Set Radio have been in development for several years now.

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