Persona 4 Golden: P4G Endings Guide

    Persona 4 Golden has several endings and variations on said endings. Most of them involve how you go about solving the main mystery of the plot. There are various Good and Bad Endings and we’ll be covering how to achieve them all! SPOILER WARNING for this P4G Endings Guide!

    The most important date to remember is 12/3. It is on this day that you make the most important decisions for achieving an ending. Also, one ending involves completing a Social Link before the end of December.

    Bad Endings

    • Throw Namamtame into the TV
    • Don’t throw Namatame into the TV, but don’t pick the correct choices (correct choices in Good Endings section, next up) to discover the truth.
    • Don’t throw Namatame into the TV, wanted the truth, but don’t pick out the right person from the given choices (3 attempts are allowed) (The real villain here is Tohru Adachi)
    • Pick out the real culprit, but keep it secret. This makes you Adachi’s Accomplice.

    Good Endings

    In order to get any of the good endings you must choose the following choices when confronting Namatame on 12/3 and say Tohru Adachi is the culprit on 12/5.

    The correct choices are as follows:

      • any choice
      • Wait a second here…
      • We’re missing something.
      • Their true feelings.
      • Something’s been bothering me.
      • We’re missing something…
      • Calm the hell down!
    • Good Ending: Catch Adachi by completing his dungeon during December. Enjoy the remaining days you have in Inaba. Go home after talking to all your friends around town.
    • True Ending: Follow all the Good Ending steps, but choose to not go home and instead go to Junes Food Court. Unlocking the True Final Dungeon. Completing this will net you the True ending. However, there’s an even better ending to get!

    Golden Ending

    This is an extension of the True Ending. It’s simple to get as long as you do the following while pursuing the True Ending Route:

    • Finish Marie’s Social Link before December’s end and complete the dungeon that unlocks in February from doing Marie’s Social Link.

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