Fire Emblem Engage: All Animal Locations and How to Adopt

    The Divine Dragon loves animals! Don't you?

    In Fire Emblem Engage you can adopt animals and bring them back to your base, the Somniel. This means you can see these cute and awesome creatures as you explore your home base AND they bring you back some rewards! The items they bring back can be anything from cooking ingredients to crafting items. Adopt as many animals as possible to build up a nice stockpile of goods! Here’s our FE Engage Animal Guide!

    How to Adopt Animals

    You must first progress far enough in the story to fight battles in the region where the animal appears. Then after fighting a battle you can find them in the after-battle map exploration.

    For some countries, you must first increase their Donation Level by donating gold to them from the Bulletin Board in Cafe Terrace.

    Animal List

    The following list provides the animal name, location found, and items they give you.

    • Mere Donkey – Firene (Lvl 2) (donation lvl 3 reward) – Rare Vegetables
    • Vervain Deer – Elusia (Lvl 2) (donation lvl 3 reward) – Rare Vegetable
    • Brodian Cat – Brodia – Herring.
    • Elusian Cat – Elusia (Lvl 2) – Cod
    • Firenese Cat: Firene (Lvl 2) – Carp
    • Solmic Cat – Solm (Lvl 2) – Eel
    • Western Freecat – Firene – Sardines.
    • Southern Freecat – Elyos – Salmon.
    • Northern Freecat – Elyos – Fish
    • Aura Eagle – Brodia (Lvl 2) -Beef, Chicken, Mutton, Pork
    • Iris Owl – Elusia – Berries.
    • Calisson Chicken – Firene (Lvl 2) – Eggs
    • Elyosian Pigeon – Elyos – Nuts.
    • Elyosian Seagull – Solm – Nuts.
    • Elyosian Dog – Elyos – Silver Ingot.
    • White Elyosian Dog: Elyos – Steel Ingot.
    • Black Elyosian Dog – Elyos – Silver Ingot.
    • Elyosian Sheep – Firene – Milk.
    • White Hop Rabbit: Found in Brodia. Provides Berries.
    • Hop Rabbit – Elyos – Berries.
    • Panna Camel – Solm (Lvl 2) – Beans, Rice, Spices
    • Rutile Marmot – Brodia (Lvl 2) (donation lvl 3 reward) – Rare Fruit
    • Tartu Flamingo – Solm (Lvl 2) (donation lvl 3 reward) – Provides Rare Fish. 

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