Reverse: 1999 Version 1.5 Phase 2 Now Available

    Ezra from Melbourne joins the fray.

    Bluepoch Games announced phase 2 of the Reverse: 1999 Version 1.5 “Revival! The Uluru Games” update is now live worldwide. This new update introduces a playable character from Melbourne and multiple new events.

    Phase 1 of Reverse: 1999 Version 1.5 recently introduced the six-star boxer Spathodea and the five-star talking flame Ulu. These two characters are available in the new rate-up banner “The Chirps of Flame.” Players also had access to various sign-in rewards, new limited-time events, the “On the Red Land” garment series, and “Leap Over Red Sands” Wilderness Pack. 

    Reverse: 1999 Version 1.5 Phase 2 Begins

    Running through May 29, phase 2 of Reverse: 1999 Version 1.5 introduces new content, the new six-star character Ezra, new sign-in rewards, and much more. Firstly, Ezra is a student and mushroom research from Melbourne that may be summoned from the new rate-up banner “The Spores of Peace” alongside Satsuki and new 5-star character Desert Flannel. Players may also participate in Ezra’s dedicated story event and earn rewards from other limited-time events. 

    “Reverse: 1999 continues to go from strength to strength and we’re really happy with how fans have been reacting to the first phase of Revival! The Uluru Games,” said art director Guest Cat. “We think players are going to love Ezra. He’s always looking out for other people. Based on his research on Australian mushrooms and reincarnators, he was successfully promoted to the Laplace headquarters.”

    Here’s a breakdown of the new content, courtesy of Bluepoch Games: 

    • Ezra Rate-up banner “The Spores of Peace”: Players can summon Ezra and Desert Flannel in the new banner, and the 5-star characters that will be featured in his limited with a boosted drop rate is Satsuki.

    • Sign-in Event “Collection of Uluru II”: Sign in for 7 days in total to get Unilog x7. Complete the main story to access. Available until May 30 at 04:59 (UTC-5).

    • New UTTU Flash Gathering “The Epic of Runners”: Collect FAME Cards in the reading spectacle and get the new Garment of Darley Clatter for free.

    • Ezra Character Story “As the Driven Snow Falls”: Explore the story of this pacifist researcher and get Clear Drops and Growth materials as rewards. Available until May 22 at 04:59 (UTC-5)  

    • New Event “Blazing RPS Arena: Offering main rewards of Clear Drops and Growth Materials. Available until May 23 at 04:59 (UTC-5).

    • New Event “Letter From the Attic”: This event offers Picrasma Candy, Growth Materials, and Clear Drops. Available from May 25 at 05:00 to May 30 at 04:59 (UTC-5).

    • New Anecdote: Anecdote·Erick will open soon. Main Rewards: 5-star Psychube “Greed.” Available from May 13 at 05:00 to May 27 at 04:59 (UTC-5).

    • New Mane’s Bulletin – Hypothesis of Exhibition: This offers rewards of Thoughts in Entirety, LF Polarization, Resonance Materials, and Insight Materials. Available until May 30 at 04:59 (UTC-5).

    Lastly, Reverse: 1999 is available now for Android, iOS, and PC via Windows

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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