Fire Emblem Engage: Romance Guide

    Even The Divine Dragon needs a life partner! Or friend for life...

    Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t quite have the same level of social simulation as a few prior entries. The romancing of allied units isn’t on the level of Fire Emblem Awakening or Fates. It’s much closer to Fire Emblem Three Houses because you can only do it very late-game and only for you, the protagonist. Our FE Engage Romance Guide here will help you out! (We ARE your ‘wing’man afterall!)

    In order to do any of this, you first need the Pact Ring to seal the deal!

    Our full list of Romance Partners can be found here!

    How to Get the Pact Ring

    You must first complete Chapter 22 of the main story. After doing that a Paralogue called ‘The Connector’ unlocks at the Garden of Memories. Completing this Paralogue involves defeating a gauntlet of foes, so be prepared for an arduous fight. Be sure to have strong units, some good healers, and a sharp wit. After achieving victory you will be rewarded with the Pact Ring, the very trinket you need to find true love (or friendship?)!

    How to Use the Pact Ring

    Now that you have the Pact Ring it’s time to put it to use! First, you must retrieve the ring from your bedroom at your nightstand. Then it’s as simple as presenting your ring to an ally you have an A-Rank Support with! Upon gifting the ring you will either get some lovey-dovey dialogue, giving you all that delicious wish fulfillment, or you’ll be friend zoned… Well, at least they heard you out and are great friends with you, right?

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